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The presentation will give you a clear idea of the TEFL program along with different misconceptions and myths about Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course. In the real scenario, there is something more than just “you can speak English so you can teach it as well”!


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5 False Impressions About TEFL Program :

5 False Impressions About TEFL Program www.teflindia.com


While pursuing your long anticipated wish of travelling the world by teaching the English language, you perhaps face a lot of comments from others to discourage you. Teaching the English language while travelling to the different parts of India can be a life - changing experience for you. It is one of the most respected and thrilling proficiencies ever. www.teflindia.com

Know The TEFL Program::

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a worldwide training program which is innovatively designed for those who are looking for some outstanding international teaching and training prospects in different places of the world. The program is for those countries where the primary language is not English and is not articulated extensively like China, Russia, Brazil and France among other different countries. A TEFL certificate makes an individual eligible in teaching the English language in the different foreign language classroom at all levels. Know The TEFL Program: www.teflindia.com

5 Common Misconceptions a TEFL teacher keep facing: :

5 Common Misconceptions a TEFL teacher keep facing: If you speak English, you can teach : In reality, it is not true. It can significantly differ from place to place, association to an organization and from profession to occupation. Speaking the English language only is not enough to deliver different lessons appropriately in classrooms full of students . www.teflindia.com


2. TEFL, TESL and TESOL All are in the same Group: TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language and TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of another Language. This is another misconception about TEFL which we generally hear from people. All the three accreditations have a distinctive purpose and stand for dissimilar types of English teaching and training. However, people generally have a tendency to mix all these 3 different areas in together. They mix it up with TEFL, TESOL and ESL by thinking all are the same. www.teflindia.com


3. TEFL Teaching Means Spending Holidays: TEFL teaching is a profession, not a long weekend. In fact, the TEFL teachers or trainers have to work every weekday irrespective of whether they have any lessons on weekdays or not. A lot of people start the International Diploma for teaching because they think that they will teach only a couple of hours and then they can spend the rest of the time by travelling which is just a myth. https://www.teflindia.com/


4. For Native Speakers, TEFL Certificate is Not Required: People think that if you are a native English speaker then you do not need a TEFL certificate. This is a common myth about TEFL program that you may hear from time to time. Many people come out trusting and relying on their nationality but they eventually find that without the right certification and training, teaching is not an easy job to do. www.teflindia.com


5. A TEFL Teacher will teach only English Many people assume that a TEFL trainer or teacher will teach only English language. If you get a job from overseas and if the institute is only for language studies, then the focus will be completely on English as a Foreign Language. However, other schools will ask you to cover other subjects like mathematics, science, or geography and so on in English. www.teflindia.com

Conclusion: :

Conclusion: www.teflindia.com Hence , in the conclusion, you should be clear about the TEFL program and how it is different from other English language oriented teaching and training programs by clearing all the important misconceptions about it. If you wish to be a TEFL trainer or teacher, then a right TEFL course program is the best resource.

Let’s look at what we have learnt: :

Let’s look at what we have learnt: TEFL Program is more than just teaching English abroad by spending holidays. Certification is required. The Native Speakers of English are NOT the TEFL Trainers or teachers. There is more than just speaking and writing in English. There are many open positions for TEFL English teachers in places like New Zealand, Australia, England, the U.S., South Africa and even in Canada as well. Think about it. www.teflindia.com

References: :

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