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Political cartoon magazine India are an integral part of the magazines and news magazines. The comedy shown in these cartoons is of sorrowful nature. Irony and satire are found in them as the requirements. For more info visit:


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slide 1: Political Cartoon Magazine in India

slide 2: In Modern times the meaning of cartoon has changed a lot from what it used to be in fine art of middle ages and renaissance period. In modern contexts cartoon refers to a visual presentation that produces humor and satire.

slide 3: Newspapers and magazines are the most popular media where the cartoons are shown. The modern cartoons are drawn as one drawing and are often supported by a caption written just beneath the cartoon or in a speech balloon.

slide 4: Editorial cartoons or political cartoons give a commentary on the current political or social situations. Editorial cartoons are also shown with speech balloons or the rough caption written on the cartoon itself or beneath.

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