Celebrate your kids birthday party

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Celebrate your kids birthday party:

Celebrate your kids birthday party

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No one can forget the seven-star property, the world's tallest tower, manmade islands, underwater hotels, buildings that spin like a Weeble with an inner-ear infection, and the mini golf in Dubai . What the city of Dubai really knows how to create is headlines. This little fishing-village-that-could has built an entire tourist industry out of piquing people's curiosity. It’s little wonder so many entrepreneurial designers and architects love this emirate. Together with a tax-free escape from throttling budgets, stringent building regulations and cookie-cutter specs, this place likes to show off. There are lot of things to do in Dubai.

Celebrating kids’ birthday party in Dubai::

Best way to experience the distinct social strata is through your stomach. At the top end is five-star cuisine of the highest order. British chefs Gary Rhodes and Gordon Ramsay have culinary outposts, offering Michelin star–courting cuisine. They are joined at the top of the tree by an excellent Chinese restaurant. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday party at any of these restaurants. On the other end of the social spectrum lies Al Dhiyafah Road, Dubai's cheap-eats street. Here restaurants catering to the city's less affluent residents spill out onto the sidewalk so you can people-watch while feasting on food from Lebanon, Iran and the Indian subcontinent. Celebrating kids’ birthday party in Dubai:

Activities to do in here other than playing mini golf in Dubai::

The thing about shopping in here is that the actual shopping is average, but the experience is intriguing. If you've shopped in New York or Paris, Dubai's malls will be a disappointment. Most of the shops are familiar and no cheaper (though you may find the odd bargain on electronics) than in other places in the world. But store trawling is only the tip of the shopping experience. Malls in this city are realizations of unrestrained fantasy, offering surreal attractions to lure you (and your credit card) in. Activities to do in here other than playing mini golf in Dubai:

Beach related things to do in Dubai::

You'll definitely want to see the shore while you're in town. The posher beach hotels have partitioned off the majority of the sand, so if you're not staying on the beach strip, your best bet is Al Mamzar , a public beach near the neighbouring emirate of Sharjah . The clogged artery of a road that connects the cities means it's frustratingly inaccessible during the work week. Other good alternatives are Beach Park with its small coffee shop and AED 5 ($1.30) entrance fee, or the free stretch of sand running the length of Umm Suqeim , known as Kite Beach due to its popularity with the city's kite-surfers. Beach related things to do in Dubai:

Alcohol related things to do in Dubai::

This is a Muslim state, but alcohol flows liberally. By law, it can be served only within the confines of a hotel, but with an estimated 450 hotels in the emirate, some with up to 26 bars, restaurants and clubs, you won't be left thirsty. If your stay in here takes in a Friday (the first day of the Arabic weekend) then you can experience first-hand the city's strange relationship with the bottle. While it is the holiest day of the week for Muslims, many of the city's restaurants throw their doors open for "champagne brunch." This brunch is not the sedate culinary experience it is elsewhere; in here, it is an exercise in excess, with free-flowing booze and heaping buffets that would have even the most indulgent glutton begging for mercy. Alcohol related things to do in Dubai :

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