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Developing a Compelling Brand Vision February, 2015:

Developing a Compelling Brand Vision February, 2015 Guest Lecture by Carol Phillips Golden Gate University, Ageno School of Business MKT 325 - Brand and Product Management Professor Ted Simon

About Me:

1/31/2015 1. 2 Carol Phillips @carol_phillips About Me Communications career at major agencies Director, Communications, Whirlpool Corporation Business Faculty member, University of Notre Dame President, Brand Amplitude Before Now


“Brand platforms are the cornerstone of brand management. The brand platform is the normative blueprint of the brand the company wants to build , summarizing the two key pillars of brand management: Brand Vision and Brand Positioning . Each brand should have its explicit, concise and sharp written brand platform, making clear what it wants to stand for .” - Jean Noel Kapferer , The New Strategic Brand Management, 2012 p. 170 1. 3 2 Brand Platform = Brand Vision and Positioning


Brand Equity Desired Current Today Time Future Current Image Market Perceptions Emotional Brand Connection Brand Vision 2 nd Positioning Relative to Alternatives 3 r d Brand Development Roadmap 12-18 months 5-7 Years Positioning Relative to Alternatives Positioning Relative to Alternatives 4 1 st

Brand Vision Is the Desired Meaning:

Brand Vision Is the Desired Meaning 1/31/2015 1. 5 “The more meaningful people find your marketing, the more they’ll be willing to pay for your stuff, and the more loyal they’ll become to your brand. They’ll make more of an investment in your brand emotionally, and they’ll be more motivated to choose it and spread the word about it.” --Bob Gilbreath , Marketing with Meaning: The Next Evolution of Marketing , 2010, p. 3

Brand Vision Provides Direction:

Brand Vision Provides Direction 2/1/2015 1. 6 “[Brand Vision] forces senior management to reach consensus on longer-term growth objectives and stake out where that growth could and should come from.” Keeps organization future focused Internal alignment tool Assessment framework – where are we falling short? Filter for decision-making Brand Vision serves as a “north star” --Scott Davis, Brand Asset Management , 2000 p. 38-39

Brand Vision = Corporate Mission:

Brand Vision = Corporate Mission Brand Vision is specific to the individual brand It provides purpose, but is not to be confused with a ‘cause’ or cause marketing. Brand Vision is often expressed in the form of a brand book or video. 7


1. 8 Brand Vision is sometimes referred to as Brand Onion, Brand Pyramid (Keller), Brand Identity, Brand Values, or even Brand Pillars . Regardless of shape, it is the final say on what the brand should stand for. Brand Vision Can Take Many Forms


The Prism Framework for Defining Brand Vision 9 Capabilities : What do we do well? Better? Personality : How do we deliver ? What is our voice or style? Internal Values & Culture : Who are we ? What core values will not be compromised? Noble Purpose : Why do we exist ? Why do we get up in the morning? Aspirational Self-Image : What do customers want their use of the brand to say about them? Shared Values & Community : What intersts or passions do we have in common with customers? Rallying Cry : What does all this add up to? Adapted from the ‘Brand Identity Prism’ by Jean-Noel Kapferer , The New Strategic Brand Management , 2012, p.156


Capabilities Capabilities are often closely related to product capabilities but can be defined more broadly as ‘what are we good at?’ What makes us so great? 1/31/2015 1. 10 Deliver Relevant Information via Search Powerful advertising platforms Innovative ways to make information more accessible Reputation for innovation Train tech leaders


Personality Personality is sometimes referred to as Voice or Style, it represents the Set of human characteristics associated with a brand. Personality is becoming more and more important to differentiation, can you guess why? 1/31/2015 1. 11 Down to earth Family Oriented Small Town Honest Sincere Real Wholesome Original Cheerful Sentimental Friendly Exciting Trendy Daring Spirited Cool Young Imaginative Unique Up to date Independent Contemporary Reliable Hard Working Secure Intelligent Technical Corporate Successful Leader Confident Exciting , cool Fun Flexible Reliable Unexpected, Original

Internal Values:

Internal Values Internal values represent the internal culture of the company, and the origins of the brand. They often reflect the founder’s vision or guiding principles. Internal values are those things that cannot be compromised, no matter what. What is the difference between internal values and shared values (community)? Why are both needed for the Brand Vision? 1/31/2015 1. 12 https:// Use this URL to watch a short video on Zappos Values

Shared Values:

Shared Values Ideas that the customer and brand find important Passions and affinities Different from internal (core) values 2/1/2015 1. 13 Connects with Millennials through their passion for music via a partnership with SFX . https:// Shares women’s commitment to enhancing self-esteem among girls

Noble Purpose:

Noble Purpose Noble Purpose is intended to answer the question, ‘why does the brand exist?’ Represents the larger goal or cause the brand aspires to serve, what the brand wants to improve in people’s lives 2/1/2015 1. 14 https://

Aspirational Self-Image:

Aspirational Self-Image What using the brand tells others about the customer How customers want to be seen 2/1/2015 1. 15


3-5 word shorthand summary of the brand identity . Not an advertising slogan, and, in most cases not used publicly . 1. 16 16 Rallying Cry Emotional Modifier Descriptive Modifier Brand Category/Industry + + Disney : Fun Family Entertainment MAE_OgMrkaQ Ritz -Carlton: Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen AANS1QlS6kQ BMW : Ultimate Driving Machine NJ81ivxPl20 Betty Crocker: Homemade Made Easy _TIE2w2Q


Internal Culture & Values Embrace and drive change Create fun and a little weirdness Be adventurous, creative and open minded Pursue growth and learning Do more with less Capabilities Service that delights customers Q uality products Deep selection and broad assortment Personality Empathetic Open and honest Positive Passionate and determined Humble Noble Purpose Deliver WOW! Shared Values & Community Easy Responsive Aspirational Self-Image Discriminating, smart Zappos Brand Identity Model Rallying Cry: Powered by Service 2 1. 17 17


2/1/2015 1. 18 Originally an industrial pigment supply company Crayola shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk, then crayons, followed later by colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling clay, and other related goods. The company also produces Silly Putty and a line of professional art products under the Portfolio Series brand. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as nontoxic and safe for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are made in the USA. The Crayola brand has 99% name recognition in U.S. consumer households, and its products are sold in over 80 countries . Crayol a recently created a new brand vision, summarized in a short video, “Inspire”. Example: Crayola 18


1. 19 Use this URL to watch the short video. Take note of the noble purpose near the end! Q47mhlgxtQ Li


Internal Culture & Values Innovative Child-centric The most colorful place on earth Capabilities Accessible, affordable tools Vibrant color Safe and durable Personality Fun Childlike Think like kids do Noble Purpose Help parents and teachers raise inspired, creatively-alive kids who can inspire the world Shared Values & Community Unleash the originality that naturally exists in every child Aspirational Self-Image Nurture successful, balanced kids with strong sense of self Crayola Brand Identity Rallying Cry 20 ILLUSTRATIVE Because creatively-alive kids blossom and grow to be inspired, original adults who, in turn, have the ability to inspire the world.


Brand Equity Desired Current Today Time Future Current Image Market Perceptions Emotional Brand Connection Brand Vision 2 nd Positioning Relative to Alternatives 3 r d Brand Development Roadmap 12-18 months 5-7 Years Positioning Relative to Alternatives Positioning Relative to Alternatives 21 1 st


2012 Brand Amplitude, LLC All Rights Reserved May Not Be Duplicated or Reproduced Without Permission 22 The Last Word Developing a compelling brand vision is more than an exercise. It can pay strong dividends by helping the company focus its efforts and build meaningful equity with customers and other stakeholders. The Brand Vision should be inspiring to employees, but also must be true and authentic.

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