Ted Fick: Unlocking Value through Transformative Leadership

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Ted Fick: Unlocking Value through Transformative Leadership Ted Fick has designed and executed successful business transformations throughout his career providing the proven innovative leadership underperforming organizations have needed to achieve dramatic growth and realize their full potential. Adept at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to drive significant contributions to revenue profitability and productivity Ted Fick understands what’s needed to move a company forward—and to reestablish the competitive footing needed to be successful for the foreseeable future. Unlocking Value through Transformative Leadership As Ted Fick knows there are several keys to unlocking an organization’s value and driving a successful transformation such as:  A clear ambitious business strategy informed by research and data and aimed at achieving profitable outcomes quickly.  Capabilities-based leadership focused on what the organization can do and how those capabilities can help achieve a competitive advantage.

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Proactive ongoing monitoring and measurement of company progress throughout strategy execution to ensure everything remains focused and aligned with pre-defined goals. Originally published at https://tedfick.wordpress.com/2019/09/25/ted- fick-unlocking-value-through-transformative-leadership/

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