Tec-Water Prototype Plant


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Tec-Water Prototype Plant:

Tec-Water Prototype Plant Sun Dale Resort Last Mountain Lake Monty Russell, P.Eng .

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Harsh Water Source:

Harsh Water Source Turbidity Algae Hardness Seasonal Variation Intermittent Demand

Last Mountain Lake Source:

Last Mountain Lake Source Seasonal Variation - “it can’t be done” Turbidity Algae bloom Bottom turn over (shallow lake) Ranges 0.5 to 40 NTU Coliforms Range from <2 to 1145

Last Mountain Lake Source:

Last Mountain Lake Source Hardness Range from 450 to 600 mg/L Intermittent Demand 0 to 60 residents (future 600 residents) Recreational population 35% Commuter population 35% Snowbird population 30% Water sales to surrounding communities

Finished Product:

Finished Product Bottled water quality with a hint of chlorine No spots on glassware out of the dishwasher No need for water softening “Coffee maker is always clean”

Compared to our Source:

Compared to our Source Turbidity Source ranges 0.5 to 40 NTU Product consistently less than 0.05 NTU after membranes Coli forms Always Undetectable No alerts

Compared to our Source:

Compared to our Source Hardness Source Range from 450 to 600 mg/L Product ranges from 50 to 80 mg/L


Demand Intermittent Demand Current Plant should handle up to 200 residents Scalable to 400 residents in same footprint Recreational weekend bulge offset by Water Sales during weekdays Control system provides unattended operation

Tec-Water is our valued partner:

Tec-Water is our valued partner Throughout the design process our goals were aligned Flexibility to incorporate third-party components Control systems UV, pumps, membranes Cooperation with building contractors Continuing support for maintenance and operation Confidence to grow with us

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