How to Improve Customer Experience with Galaxy CRM & Help Desk Softwar

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Improve customer experience with Galaxy CRM Software as it includes help desk software, project management software, lead generation software with smart automation. Visit:


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Galaxy Galaxy is a web based software that effectively manages customer complaints and enquiries. With the help of Galaxy, you can manage tickets, enquiries, leads, complaints, projects etc. This software can be integrated with voice, chat, email, social media platforms. You can also do call tracking by using Galaxy. You can save time by following up with leads & access all the details of customer / client in one place i.e . Galaxy CRM. +91-11-49605588


Document Management Case Management Contact Management Templates for Email User Definable Views Service Level Agreements (SLA) Customer Product Inventory Management Operation Schedule & Time Zone Management Task Management with Appointment & Reminders Graphical Display Dashboard as per the User Requirement Features of Galaxy +91-11-49605588


Galaxy Galaxy Lead Management Software Project Management Software Help Desk Software Enquiry Management Complaint Management Ticket Generation +91-11-49605588


+91-11-49605588 Help Desk Software Help Desk is a function that resolves customer grievances. When customers have any problem, they directly contact the help desk. After that customer service team of the company addresses the issue for customer satisfaction. Automation of this process can be done by software named as Help Desk Software. Help Desk Software is a computer program which is used to manage enquiries & complaints to increase efficiency & deliver superior services support. To resolve any problem you can use helpdesk ticketing software that will help you to be more efficient & enhance customer experience.


Lead generation is an initial process to generate new potential business clients. The general purpose of lead management software is to create an ordered structure for handling business inquiries then nurturing them to turn into business leads. Using Galaxy CRM’s Dashboard, you can view all key metrics in a single view, e.g. open tickets/cases/tasks, pending tasks/cases, follow ups to be done etc. This dashboard view can be totally customized by the user. When you use Galaxy, you can automatically assign new leads to right sales representative, create new follow up tasks & manage records etc. Lead Management Software +91-11-49605588


Project Management Software Project Management Software helps in project planning, coordination, scheduling, organizing & quality management to achieve the specific goal. Galaxy is also used as project management software that makes team up to 80% more efficient as it gives you full control over your tasks. It can be used for small business as well as large business that facilitates the team collaboration that helps managers to discuss a project in real-time. +91-11-49605588


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