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Presentation Description Do you know the technology solutions and process that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) are the most-utilized devices, which are not just popular in various organizations but are a very much part of the different verticals of industries as well? But these very devices can be prone to security-issues, hence you need to take some measures...unleash it further with the PPT


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For a mobile app development process something more cannot be excited enough then utilizing the latest technologies. But there is always a threat of security with advanced technologies… Just explore further with Techugo through this PPT…

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DON’T BE EAGER TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET I know eagerness to connect a smart device to the internet is the first curiosity. But don’t rush understand what features are available without connecting. Surprisingly some of the most desirable features can be accessed without connecting to the internet. Leave the device offline and reduce the se- curity risks in your home.

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USE SECONDARY NETWORK Create an additional network solely for your IoT devices. This stops your connection to stop the unauthorized access to more sensitive data. A separate connection acts as a buffer ensuring outside entities to not to access the shared files and other types of encrypted data.

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CHANGE PASSWORD On your IoT devices changing the passwords help in abundance. Change them frequently and each device should have its own unique password. Try changing the password at least twice per year.

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DISABLE UNIVERSAL PLUG The UPnP feature protocols use local networks to connect. But this feature is vulnerable to unauthorized access. Hence it is safer to just turn off the UPnP feature on each device.

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DON’T USE CLOUD TECHNOLOGY EXCESSIVELY Some potentially risky aspects with Cloud technology lets your data to be accessed only when there is an active connection. Also it increases the chances of hacking your connection. Before making use of cloud storage read the privacy terms and find out about the security measures to be used to protect your data.

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USE YOUR WEARABLES SMARTLY Wearable devices use the wifi connections to gather and store your per- sonal data. In the event of using these devices outside to be cautious of using the shared networks.

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