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Ever wondered, why HTML5 is considered as the best mobile app development tool across the globe? Learn more about the HTML 5 with Techugo, a top mobile app development company.


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Why T o Use HTML 5 For App Development

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Compatible With Multiple Platform HTML5 apps are compatible with different mobile operating systems such as Android iOS Blackberry or Windows Phone. Cost of developing HTML apps is much lower than any other platform.

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Automatic Updates HTML 5 apps can be updated anywhere anytime without the need of a Wi-Fi network. HTML apps are based on the web technologies like the CSS3 JavaScript and along with the HTML it is not natively installed in the mobile device.

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HTML 5 apps can work on various devices and don’t require the code to be re-written. Simple Performing Chain

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Hosting an HTML5 app is much easier. It attains the popularity instantly in the app store. Creating HTML 5 Apps

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HTML5 apps’ APIs consist of various robust features. The features include: test code performance interaction with the device en- hanced loading speed offering bandwidth estimation permitting inspection of device’s battery state and much more. Powerful Features

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HTML5 is an open source language which is known to many programmers. App developers are readily available to work on this domain. Organizations can hire HTML5 app developers a little easier being compared to any other platform developers. More App Developers For HTML 5

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HTML5 based apps let the developers to enjoy the freedom to do code the way they want use any frameworks tools and libraries all without compro- mising the user’s experience. A Better Platform For Design

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