Way to Determine the Failed EGR Valve of the Car

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The EGR valve is used for the recirculation of the exhaust gases into the car's intake manifold in order to reduce the cylinder's temperature. When the EGR valve starts to malfunction, then various problems arise, such as rough idle of the engine, illuminated check engine light, reduce the engine performance, and unusual sound during acceleration. See the mentioned slideshow to know about different ways to determine a failed EGR valve of your car.


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Way to Determine the Failed EGR Valve of the Car


Exhaust gas recirculation(EGR) valve is a part of the emission system which is designed to recirculate the exhaust gases into the car's intake for reducing cylinder temperature.


It is the important components of the car that can control the flow and recirculations of the exhaust gases.


When the valve of the car is opened, then the exhaust gases flow through the car's EGR system to control the car emission.


But the issues in the EGR valve can occur many problems in the flow and operation of the EGR system and reduce the performance as well as increase the emission.


The failed EGR valve can produce the following signs in your car to alert the drivers about these potential issues.


Rough idle of the engine


The rough idle is the most common warning sign of a malfunctioned EGR valve and stuck in the open position of the car.


In this way it can lead to the exhaust gas recirculations and cause rough idling as well as fuel smell in the car.


Illuminated check engine light


The check engine of the car is illuminated for a wide variety of issues and the failed or damaged EGR valve is another reason.


When your car computer detects any issues in the EGR valve circuit or position, then it illuminates the check engine light to notify the driver regarding the issue.


Reduce the engine performance


The most common sign of a failed EGR valve in your car is the reduction of engine performance and makes the car stall or hesitate while accelerating.


The clogged or malfunctioned EGR valve of the car interrupt the car's air-fuel ratio and cause engine performance issues like reduction in power and fuel efficiency.


Unusual sound during acceleration


If you hear an unusual sound like pinging or knocking while accelerating the car, then it proves that the fuel is detonating within the engine instead of burning steadily.


The damaged EGR valve of the car does not allow the right amount of exhaust to dilute the air-fuel mixture and lower the combustion chamber temperature.




The EGR valve is an important component of the emission system in the car to prevent the emissions produced from the car.


With a well functioned EGR valve, you can easily pass the smog test of your car. When you found issues in the EGR valve of the car, inspect it by a professional mechanic.


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