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Misty of Chincoteague : 

Misty of Chincoteague Book By- Marguerite Henry By- Maddie

Chapter 10 : 

Chapter 10 In chapter 10 Maureen and Paul are looking at Misty, when Pied Piper comes up behind them and chases them away!! Then they were looking at the colts and horses running around in the colt pens!!!

Chapter 11 : 

Chapter 11 In this chapter Paul was on the pony penning grounds when a big storm hit. His grandpa told him to go into his truck for cover. Instead he went looking for Misty and Phantom to put in the back so they don’t get scared. He couldn’t find them so he just quit looking and went into the truck. To his surprise the horses were in the car!!!!

Chapter 12 : 

Chapter 12 In this chapter it is the day that the horses and colts are being sold, so Maureen goes out and tries to buy the Phantom and Misty. When she gets there, there is a sold rope over misty’s neck, Phantom tries to take it off but it doesn’t work!!!!

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