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Maniac Magee : 

Maniac Magee Power Point by: Alexis Book by: Jerry Spinelli

Jeffery : 

Jeffery Is a boy that was staying with his aunt and uncle. He was staying with them because his parents died in a trolley crash when he was three. He ran away because he didn’t want to be with an unhappy couple.

Jeffery’s Aunt and Uncle : 

Jeffery’s Aunt and Uncle His aunt and uncle were unhappy with each other so they had two of everything. Two refrigerators, sinks, kitchens and anything you could possibly think a house would have. They couldn’t get divorced because they were Jewish.

Grayson : 

Grayson Grayson is a person that lives at the Y. He lines baseball fields and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with Jeffery.

The cobras : 

The cobras The cobras are a group of kid gangsters that think they can go around and tell other kids what to do.

McNab : 

McNab He is a good baseball player that teases Jeffery because he is an orphan.

The Beales : 

The Beales Jeffery stayed with the Beales. That is when he found out he was allergic to pizza.

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