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The Black Stallion

The Shipwreck : 

The Shipwreck Alec was on a shipwreck heading to England then to New York after being with his uncle in Bombay, India. Well, he was on the boat when a big storm hit them! The boat started going down like the Titanic. He was in the water and all he could see was a horse, the Black. Alec held on to him, the black was going with the waves so it would bring them to an island, which he did!!!

The Island : 

The Island They got on this small island. There was this little water whole where there was fresh water so that’s where The Black and Alec got there drinking water. They were running out of food but luckily Alec found some carragheen to eat. One night there was a fire on his shelter and a ship saw the smoke. They took him to Rio de Janeiro and took a boat home.

Home : 

Home When Alec got home his parents said that he could keep his horse! He asked the Dailey’s if he could keep them in there old barn and they said yes! All he has to do is make some money by doing jobs around the house.

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Now I will show you a little video I made!!!!!!!!

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At the end it is supposed to say Napoleon, sorry it got cut off!!! OPPS!!!

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CREDITS Power Point By- Maddie Book By- Walter Farley Video Made at- my house Power point made at- home and at school THANKS FOR WATCHING !!!!BOO YA!!!!

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