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Maniac Magee : 

Maniac Magee BY Jerry Spinelli BY COLE

Cobble’s knot : 

Cobble’s knot When the owner of cobble’s store walked in and saw a big knot the size of a kickball. He put an add in the paper and said the first one to untie the knot would get one large free pizza once a week, and for a year. So amanda told him he has to go try do it because he was good at getting knots undone. So he went and it took him one full day to do it but he was allergic to pizza.

Grayson : 

Grayson When maniac went to sleep in the buffalo pen a man saw him and took him to his house. So the next morning he took him to get things to eat. He ate alot. He had butterscotch krimpets and he loved them. So grayson got a whole seven boxes of them. Then he went to live in the equipment room by the baseball fields. Grayson tought him how to play the real way of baseball. He also taught him the stopball.

The Cobra’s : 

The Cobra’s Giant johns gangs name is the Cobra’s. so one day maniac saw Hester and Lester on the street and they chased him down the street. Then johns group came along when the three were talking. Because maniac said he got struck out by john on the stopball to johns friends. Hester and lester asked maniac if they would come and stay with them and john agreed with them.

The McNabs : 

The McNabs When maniac went to the Mcnabs there was roaches and bugs in the refrigerator. When they ate it was always fast food and when they were done with it the wrappers and bags were on the floor. When the family thought there was going to be a conflict of the east end the built a wall out of cinder blocks and a bunch of bricks. Then hester and lester would get play guns and pretend to shoot everyone that walked close to them.

The travel : 

The travel when hester and lester were tired of going to school. They told maniac they were going to walk to Mexico and never go to school. But maniac said that it was a long way so he kept making up dares for himself to do then he would show them the shortway.

The End : 

The End I’m not going to tell you anymore so READ IT!!!!!!!!!!::):READ IT NOW!!!!:(:(:IT’S A GOOD BOOK:

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