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Tips on math PSSA By: Mike and Ethan

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Hi it’s Ethan!!!

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Hi it’s Michael!!!

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Today we are going to learn about math PSSA!!

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Okay so some things you need to know are that the denominator is on the bottom of a fraction and the numerator is on the top.

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Also, in a circle to find the circumference , you multiply pi x the diameter.

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Whenever you see the phrase “ Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” it means… Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally A X U I D U R P L V D B E O T I T N N I D R T E P E A H N L C E T Y T S S E S

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The Mean in a set of data is the amount of numbers in the data added than divided by how many numbers are in the data.

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Now the hypotenuse and the chord. A chord is a line that goes through a circle and does not go through the center. A hypotenuse is the side of a right triangle opposite of the right angle.

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That’s it for today. Don’t forget to check out our tips for reading! See ya!!!

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