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Captain Underpants Attack of The Bionic Booger Boy : 

Captain Underpants Attack of The Bionic Booger Boy By Dav Pilkey Reported By Gage

Chapter 1 : 

Chapter 1 In chapter 1 of the book you are reading George and Harold’s comic.It helps kind of tell you something at the end of the book so KEEP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Chapter 4 : 

Chapter 4 In chapter 4 George and Harold make up an invention called Squshies. What you do is put Ketchup under the seat and when someone sits down they get ketchup all over their legs.

Chapter 7 : 

Chapter 7 George and Harold make a new comic on Melvin. Melvin is a know-it-all. He has kind of brownish cream hair. It’s pretty short. He wears glasses and is kind of evil. The reason that George and Harold made a comic on him is because he told on them. So they made a comic to get revenge.

Chapter 11 : 

Chapter 11 George and Harold snapped their fingers and turned their principle Mr.Krupp into Captain Underpants. It just so happens that when Captain Underpant’s face gets wet he turns back into Mr.Krupp. And after the accountant woman was saved by Captain Underpants she kissed his whole face and it got so wet he turned back to normal.

The End : 

The End This is the end of the story except Melvin turned into the bionic booger boy and wanted to destroy George and Harold. But Sulu a bionic Hamster that Melvin made came to save the day.

Did you like my report? : 

Did you like my report? I hope you liked my report thank you for listening.

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