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Calissa's clownfish report


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clownfish By: Marie

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clownfish: description they're 2-5 inches they weigh 750.00 grams They have scales covered in mucas Some are yellow or blue!! most of them are orange and white

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clownfish: more description!!! they make noise by chirpping and popping their teeth together there are about 27 different types they are cold blooded they are fish!! they have gills

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clownfish and their homes Clownfish live in the Indian and Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrior Reef They live in Sea Anemones They swim in schools they are the most common fish assorted with marine animals

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what's for dinner?? they are omnivores. they eat whatever their home , the Sea Anemone, leaves them.

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HHHHEEEELLLLPPP!!! protection it lives in the poisonous Sea Anemones, which protects it. a few don't live in the Sea Anemone, leaving them with no protection.

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Whoa!!! the males can swich genders, if needed. Finding Nemo has made them populiar. their babies are called fish, too. they lay eggs. the eggs hatch in 4-5 days. they live about 8 years. the females are larger than the males.

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clownfish they are not endangered. they main threat to them is man. man catches them, and pairs them up with the wrong Sea Anemones, and are poisoned. pet stores can order them as pets. DON'T BUY THEM AS PETS!!!

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Quick Last Facts they are friends with Sea Anemones. they belong to the Pomacentridae and Amphiprione family. they talk to each other. they are very territoral. they live with their family for two weeks.

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why "Clownfish?" they often play and "clown" around, that's how got their name. they are very playfull and fun. they did NOT get their name because they look funny, as some say. =

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the deep, dark truth clownfish are funky and fun! they really represent me. they are very hard to research! they need more attention! everyone should LOVE Clownfish!

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