Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot

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Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot Of Professor Poopy pants : 

Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot Of Professor Poopy pants By Dav Pilkey by Cole

New Swissland Hall Of Fame : 

New Swissland Hall Of Fame Everybody knows that in New Swiss land everybody has a weird name like Tipper Q. Zipper dripper and Ivana Godo De’ Bafroom. Then finely the smartest of them all Professor Pippy P. Poopy pants and he is the main man of inventions. If he does an invention with another person he will be greedy and sell the invention and lie to the whole world.

The Field Trip : 

The Field Trip Jerome Horwitz elementary school was going to there big annual field trip to a pizza shop. Then they were going to play video games the rest of the time. So when George and Harold were waiting to get on the bus the went and changed the letters n the greeting board and today it said pizza place field trips are today and they changed it to Please don’t fart in a diaper. Then when they ere about to leave the principal caught them and then the had to stay and clean the teachers lounge.

Left Behind : 

Left Behind George and Harold got left behind again and it was not fun. This was the worst time they have messed up. So Mr. Krupp showed the to boy’s the janitors closet and the boys got to work. But sure enough they just had to make it worse and they said we can still have fun. So they got a latter and a pack of foam packing pellets and powdered paste. they put it on top of the fan so when they turned it on it will fling on top of them. Then they put powdered paste and put it in the sink so it would mix with water and would shot out on one of the teachers. They also put it in the refrigerator so when they opened the door it would shoot out and stick to them with all of the powdered past on them from the sink.

The Fun Begins : 

The Fun Begins After George and Harold destroyed the teachers lounge the buses got back about one to two hours after that. So the children started to pack up to go home and all of the teachers started to make fun of George and Harold and said oh the pizza was so go to bad you guys couldn’t come and then they would all laugh so hard. Then all of the teachers got tired of taunting George and Harold so they all went in the teachers lounge so Mrs. Ribble went and turned on the faucet and cold water sprayed all over her and everybody beside her. Then they turned on the fan and the powder and the foam pellets flew on them so now they were a big mess. Then all of the teachers ran out screaming and they looked like running snowmen.

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