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The Bad BeginningsBy: Lemony Snicket : 

The Bad BeginningsBy: Lemony Snicket By Cylee 

Ch. 1 : 

Ch. 1 Chapter1 starts with three kids well two kids and one baby. Any ways here are there names Violet the oldest Klaus the second oldest and Sunny the baby. But some thing terrible happened to them when the were at the beach one day. A fire started at there house but when they got there they were to late.

Ch. 8 : 

Ch. 8 In chapter8 there uncle want them to have a part in a play called the marvelous marriage. Witch turns out to be a trick and it is a real marriage and he wanted to marry Violet. He wanted to marry violet because of her family's wealth. And she only 15!!!!!!!!


THE END Well it’s the end of my PowerPoint I hope you aren’t sleeping all ready well bye…….now go one to the next project mine is over …….                  

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