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THE FUTURE OF SEO These days Technical knowledge is not enough you need to be aware of what the user is looking for. If site is sufficient enough to provide the solution then Google will recognize the site to be the top most source of information that will make your site rank high in SERP and that is the whole and soul of SEO. SEO involves selection of targeted topics use of high traffic keywords customized page or blog and high social media exposure. The competition between domination of pages in ranking high on major search engines demands a good and optimized website that can be generated well by using Digital Marketing for your pages or business platforms. Hence if we predict the future of SEO it will be wide and vast as compared to what it is now.  USER EXPERIENCE WILL BE A TOP PRIORITY - as SEO Company will give you a user friendly virtual world that is well understood and easy to be connected with. SEO future

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is more likely to give importance to keywords as well as to be more focused on readability which will be most effective way of serving the user there by increasing the chances of getting traffic to your website.  AMP WILL BE AN IMPORTANT ASPECT- AMP is Accelerated Mobile page which is an open source initiative aiming to make the use of web more swift and better on phones it focuses on creation of websites that are faster creative and high performing on various platforms. These days SEO professionals cater to audience that is logging in from mobile phones.  AI WITH SERP - Artificial intelligence will be handling and managing the Search Engine Optimization search results as these days man is working with machines to make things simpler yet effective. With our advancement we are stepping into the machine age and to keep up we need to be more creative create quality content and be more user friendly. The future for tech and business is undoubtedly SEO.

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