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TechnoMech offers best Test Equipment including Eddy Current and (Water Brake)Hydraulic Dynamometer manufacturers in Pune, India.


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Manufacturer of Eddy Current and Hydraulic Dynamometer:

Manufacturer of Eddy Current and Hydraulic Dynamometer By -


TechnoMech is the best Prime Mover Test Equipment Manufacturers in India. TechnoMech , a partnership company since 1981 started business with Control Panels assembly. 1992 was turning point in history of TechnoMech with the launch of Water Brake Dynamometers and similarly in 2006 it launched The Eddy Current Dynamometers . TechnoMech has a very strong base of customers in Engineering colleges, IITs, Polytechnics, and in Research organizations, OEMs, engine & Prime Mover manufactures all over India.

Our Products::

Our Products: Eddy Current Dynamometers are used for Testing Engines from 5HP to 1000HP capacity. Precision Strain Gauge type Load Cell are used for sensing the Torque developed by the Engines. Its rugged and rigid design of Power absorbing systems are ensured for long working life. This is achieved by electroless nickel plating to the most critical parts which are always in contact with cooling water. Eddy Current Dynamometer


Advantages : Easy of assembly wide power range disc rotor and hence low inertia very high response to change in input signals long life uses and long servicing intervals easy maintenance due to less components low downtime due to simple mechanical design . Models: TME10 , TME20, TME30, TME50, TME100, TME200 and TME300 are suitable fpr 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 & 300 BHP capacities respectively.


TechnoMech Water Brake Dynamometer(WBD) or Hydraulic Dynamometer is are suitable for measuring Brake horse power of different types of prime movers like Diesel engine, Petrol Engine, Electrical motors, Vehicles ,Gear Boxes in their production, Quality assurance and R&D Centers. These are sluice gate operated dynamometer. A Calibration setup is provided for periodic check-up in order to ensure accurancy . ( Waterbrake)Hydraulic Dynamometer


Advantages: Sturdy & Robust Design Fast Response & Accurate calibration Dynamically balanced rotors highly economical and simple design . Load Control : Load Control is effected by adjusting the sluice gates to and fro by means of chain and sprockets. This is achieved manually with the handwheel and remotely with electric motor and limit switches. Models : TM15 . TM50, TM150, TM300 are suitable for 15, 50, 150, 300 BHP capacities at 1500 RPM


OUR OTHER PRODUCTS: Waterbrake (Hydraulic) Dynamometers Engine Test Sytems for 2 stroke / 4 stroke multi cylinder Petrol Engines Engine Test Sytems for 2 stroke / 4 stroke multi cylinder Diesel Engines Fully Computerized Engine Test Systems Fuel Measurement System Currently we are working on Air Cooled Dynamometers and it will be launched very soon!


-Contact Us- Head Office: ETHOS, 22/3 Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune 411013, India. Web: Email: Landline: +91-20-26819617 / 18 Mobile: +91-98506 32062, +91-98506 02184

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