Eddy Current Dynamometer


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Needs Prime Mover Test Equipments. Technomech offers the Eddy Current Dynamometer, Hydraulic Dynamometer, Engine Test Rig, Computerized Engine Test Rig and more. Visit us today!


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Eddy Current Dynamometer:

Eddy Current Dynamometer By - Technomech.in

Eddy Current Dynamometer:

Eddy Current Dynamometer Eddy Current Dynamometers are used for Testing Engines from 5HP to 1000HP capacity. Precision Strain Gauge type Load Cell are used for sensing the Torque developed by the Engines . Its rugged and rigid design of Power absorbing systems are ensured for long working life. This is achieved by electroless nickel plating to the most critical parts which are always in contact with cooling water.


Standard Features : High accuracy Strain Gauge Load Cell Electroless Nickel plated water passages Dry running is avoided by water flow switch. Bi-directional operations Low inertia of Rotar Smooth running of Rotor Rugged construction Long Life service Compact design


Principle of Operations : When the current flow through the field coils, then magnetic field is produced. If the toothed rotar is rotated in the field, the magnetic flux changes and eddy current are produced in the end wall of cooling plate. These Eddy Currents buildup an opposite magnetic field and decelerate the rotar . The braking torque is transfered via the trunion bearing mounted body to the load cell. The dynamomemter load is regulated by changing the excitation current . Energising Coils: The coils are fully encapsulated in two pieces. These are insulated from the main body with high quality insulating material. This gives very optimum distribution of flux throughout the working area. Because of this in case of low speed torque it gives best results of air flow from the center of dyanometer . This features ensures rapid response of reliability under the serveral loading conditions . Control : The power absorbed by the dynamomemter is controlled by varying the energising current at the field coil. System is provided with Closed Loop Control by giving feedback signal from Load Cell for Torque & from RPM Sensor for Speed. Both Manual & Automatic Control Systems are provided along with PC based Data Acqusition & Control System.


Accessories Available : 1. Engine starting arrangement 2. Calibration equipments (S.I. or Imperial) 3. Universal Propeller Shaft 4. Motor Rotar locking device 5. Universal Engine Test Bed with common frame 6. Volumetric & Gravimetric Fuel Measurement 7. SS Magnetic Filter 8. Safety Guard


Water Connections : Very high grade flexible rubber hoses are used for water inlet & outlet lines. Hoses are being very flexible no effect on calibration & sensitivity of dynamometers. The dynamometer cooling passages and cooling plates are electroless nickel plated which gives longer life. The cooling plates are designed for radial expansion without water leakages and prevent any kind of distortion. GENERAL ARRANGEMENT:


OUR OTHER PRODUCTS: Waterbrake (Hydraulic) Dynamometers Engine Test Sytems for 2 stroke / 4 stroke multi cylinder Petrol Engines Engine Test Sytems for 2 stroke / 4 stroke multi cylinder Diesel Engines Fully Computerized Engine Test Systems Fuel Measurement System Currently we are working on Air Cooled Dynamometers and it will be launched very soon!


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