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Conflict The dramatic struggle between forces in a story. Without conflict there is not plot.


Vocabulary Conflict Society Protagonist

The Basics:

The Basics When we say person or man, we really mean a character in the story. It could be an animal if they are a character. The v. or vs. in man v. man means versus or against. When talking about a society or a community you are not talking about a specific person with a name. A society is a group of people. Ex. The school, the neighborhood kids, the government, the media

Objective: Identify the Type of Conflict:

Objective: Identify the Type of Conflict

Types of Conflict:

Types of Conflict Person vs. Self Person vs. P erson Person vs. Society Person vs. Nature

Person vs. Self:

Person vs. Self This is when the main character is having a conflict within them self. What kind of conflict could you have with yourself?

Person vs. Person:

Person vs. Person This is when the main character has a conflict with another person or a small group of people. What kind of conflicts do people have with one person or a couple of people?

Person vs. Society:

Person vs. Society This is when the main character is having a conflict with a community, society, or culture. What kind of conflicts do you have with a community, society, or culture? What are some examples of communities, societies, or cultures?

Person vs. Nature:

Person vs. Nature This is when the main character is in conflict with forces of nature. What are some conflicts that people have with nature? When would an animal be part of nature and when would they be a character in a story?

What’s Your Anchor Example?:

What’s Your Anchor Example? For each of the conflict types you need to create an anchor example. This means that you will have an example of a story for each conflict type. It will be a story that you know well. You will repeat it in your brain so many times that you won’t forget. Person v. Self Person v. Person Person v. Society Person v. Nature

Thinking Process:

Thinking Process Identify the conflict. What’s the struggle? Identify the protagonist. Who is the main character in the story? Identify who or what they are struggling with. Who or what is the protagonist struggling against? Categorize the Conflict. Which category does the conflict fall into? -in their head… man vs. self -with one or a couple of people…man vs. man -with a specific group…man vs. society -with a natural phenomena…man vs. nature

Create a shortcut:

Create a shortcut What is the struggle ? Who is the protagonist ? Who is the protagonist struggling against ? Which category does this relationship fall into?

Let’s do some together…:

Let’s do some together… Draco Malfoy Finding Nemo The Cheese Touch Castaway

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