Establishing the Setting

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Setting the Setting:

Setting the Setting More than just the place of the story.

Parts of the Setting:

Parts of the Setting Time Place World


Time Time of day? Time of year? Time period? (past, present, or future)

Time of Day:

Time of Day

Time of Year:

Time of Year

Time Period (past, present, future):

Time Period (past, present, future)


Place Physical surroundings? Exact location?

Slide 8:

Physical Surroundings

More Physical Surroundings:

More Physical Surroundings

Exact Location:

Exact Location


World Fantasy or reality? Unique traits? Rules that set the story?

Fantasy or Reality?:

Fantasy or Reality?

Unique Traits:

Unique Traits

Rules that Set the Story:

Rules that Set the Story

Setting the Setting:

Setting the Setting Time …time of year? …time of day? …time period? Place …location? …surroundings? World …fantasy or reality? …unique traits? …rules that set the story?

Your Turn…:

Your Turn… Now you complete a setting analysis of a story you are familiar with. Then complete another setting analysis from a story that is new to you from our snippets page.

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