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Brief summary of differences between Roman Catholicism and orthodox Biblical based Christianity


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World Religions and Missions:

World Religions and Missions Robert D. Patton Missionary to Suriname, South America

Roman Catholicism:

Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholic church:

Roman Catholic church

Where are the RC churches?:

Where are the RC churches? Southwestern Europe North America – USA, and French Canadian Quebec Central and South America – much more evangelicals growing Italy, Spain, Portugal, France Philippine Islands – rapidly changing with evangelical growth

Altar, R. C. church, Europe:

Altar, R. C. church, Europe

R.C. church, Haiti:

R.C. church, Haiti

Roman Catholics - Haiti:

Roman Catholics - Haiti

Roman Catholicism:

Roman Catholicism Dominant institution in the middle ages politics, art, literature, Education Competition between the pope and the emperor for power

R.C. priest - USA:

R.C. priest - USA

Roman Catholicism:

Roman Catholicism Holds many of the central beliefs of the faith virgin birth, trinity, sinlessness of Christ, atonement, deity of Christ

Is the Roman Catholic church Christian?:

Is the Roman Catholic church Christian? They believe that the Bible is the Word of God. They believe that Christians will go to heaven to be with Jesus Then what is the problem?

The problem is what is added:

The problem is what is added Church built on Peter, who was the first pope Purgatory after death to clean from sin Prayer to Mary and dead saints Images to kneel to - ?idolatry? Confession to a priest, who absolves Mass as a saving sacrament


Added… Veneration of Mary Holy Water Canonization of dead saints Rosary Celibacy in the priesthood Tradition of the church = the Bible

History of the Roman Catholic Church:

History of the Roman Catholic Church Some church fathers, such as Irenaeus, favored apostolic authority of the leaders of the church Five centers of the church arose – Antioch, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Rome, and Alexandria. Rome was the center of the empire, and gradually rose to prominence

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism The school of Panteneus became prominent, with Clement of Alexandria and especially Origen This school was heavily influenced by Greek philosophy and used the allegorical method of interpretation, allowing many new practices

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Constantine, many heathen became nominal Christians, including heathen priests Their heathen practices, which were “Christianized” – became church traditions

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Holy water Baptism of infants Worship of the saints Mitre hat

History of unbiblical teachings:

History of unbiblical teachings Council of Nicea 325 – idea that the bread at communion was no longer normal bread 783 – Veneration of Mary officially accepted Council of Nicea 787 – veneration of relics and images

History of unbiblical teachings:

History of unbiblical teachings 819 – feast of Mary’s assumption 1074 – Priests forbidden to marry 1090 – Use of rosary 1115 – Confession of priests 1215 – 4 th laterine council under Innocent III – transubstantiation

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Constantine claimed the title Pontifex maximus , (the big bridge) and was considered the head of the church When he relocated the capitol of the empire to Constantinople, that title fell to the bishop of Rome .

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism The bishops saved Rome from the vandals, especially Leo I He also led the council of Chalcedon and was accepted as the mouthpiece: “Peter has spoken through Leo…” Gregory the great sent missionaries to England – which became Catholic

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Their power increased. The Pope crowned Charlemagne as emperor in 800 But 900, Europe was Roman Catholic. For some time, the German kings had a lot of influence – Otto I

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Gregory VII struggled with the king of Germany for ultimate power Scholasticism arose and The pope reached maximum power with Innocent III. He was the most powerful man in Europe

History of Roman Catholicism:

History of Roman Catholicism Eastern Christianity was now Greek Orthodox based in Constantinople; western was based in Rome In the 11 th century, the eastern and western branches split, and were not reconciled until about 50 years ago!

Corruption increased in the church:

Corruption increased in the church The popes became weaker, France dominated, and once there were even three popes, each of whom excommuni-cated the other! There was a time when the popes were out of Rome, and in France

The Protestant revolution:

The Protestant revolution The Catholic church began to increase selling indulgences to raise funds For money, you could shorten the time of the departed in purgatory Beginning with Luther’s 95 thesis in the 16 th century, Protestants rebelled from Rome

The Protestant revolution:

The Protestant revolution Over the next 150 years, Rome lost most of northern Europe. However , through exploration, she gained “converts” in other lands, particularly in the Western Hemisphere.

Catholic counter-revolution:

Catholic counter-revolution Stopped selling most indulgences Worked on reducing open immorality The council of Trent in the mid 16 th century declared salvation by faith alone an anathema. Those doctrines persist until today and have NOT changed with Vatican I & II

Catholic suppression:

Catholic suppression The ban – all books written by Protestants The Bible forbidden, esp. translations The inquisition – terrible torture to make believers recant or suffer horrible death



Inquisition torture chamber:

Inquisition torture chamber

History of unbiblical teachings 1545-1563 Council of Trent:

History of unbiblical teachings 1545-1563 Council of Trent Seven sacraments Doctrine both from tradition of the church as well as scriptures Communion with lay only eating bread only priests drink the wine Purgatory Indulgences

History of unbiblical teachings 1545-1563 Council of Trent:

History of unbiblical teachings 1545-1563 Council of Trent Mass is a propitiatory sacrifice Anathema – salvation by faith alone apart from works & other Protestant doctrines

The Pope:

The Pope Based on Mt. 16:18 [18] And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The wrong Rock – not Peter but Christ We are commissioned to preach the gospel – those who receive it are forgiven of their sins

Roman Catholic Pope:

Roman Catholic Pope

The Pope:

The Pope Recent dogma declares that when the Pope speaks “ex cathedra” on doctrinal matters as pope, then he is infallible. Many popes immoral and incredibly wicked three popes at once, each claiming the title and excommunicating the other two.

The Catholic pope:

The Catholic pope

Traditions of Mary:

Traditions of Mary Mother of God & Queen of heaven Immaculate conception – born without sin – contradicted in Luke 1: 46] And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, [47] And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour . Assumption (raised directly to heaven)


Mary Many mother-child combinations in heathen religion. It appears that the heathen priests brought this concept into the church with them when they were admitted to fellowship

The virgin Mary made “Queen of heaven”, co-redemptrix:

The virgin Mary made “Queen of heaven”, co- redemptrix

Traditions of Mary:

Traditions of Mary Perpetual virginity – no : Mt. 1:19-20, 24-25; [24] Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:[25] And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son : and he called his name JESUS.

Traditions of Mary:

Traditions of Mary Perpetual virginity – Mt. 13:[55] Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses , and Simon, and Judas?[56] And his sisters, are they not all with us? Mary obviously had other children who were NOT born without a sin nature, and Mary was no longer a virgin

The assumption of Mary:

The assumption of Mary She went directly to heaven without dying There is absolutely no biblical support for this teaching

Mary going to heaven:

Mary going to heaven

Traditions of Mary:

Traditions of Mary Co-redeemer & co-mediator with Christ: I Tim. 2:5 [5] For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Jn . 14:6 [6] Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. This position undermines the adequacy of the sacrificial death of Christ

Catholic pix – note prominence of Mary:

Catholic pix – note prominence of Mary

Doctrine of Purgatory:

Doctrine of Purgatory Sale of indulgences to shorten the time in Purgatory Saying masses & prayers for the dead can help them leave purgatory faster

The Catholic route to heaven:

The Catholic route to heaven Catholic church believes that you must be subject to the Pope and come through the church for salvation.

The mass – an unbloody sacrifice:

The mass – an unbloody sacrifice The mass is totally unbiblical, and is rejected by Hebrews 9-10… Heb. 9:22 Without shedding of blood, there is no remission Christ’s one sacrifice for sins remove them forever

Roman Catholic priest offering mass:

Roman Catholic priest offering mass

Evangelizing Catholics:

Evangelizing Catholics Learn the truth of Catholicism Pray for Catholics to get saved Stimulate their thought about their salvation Help them with true Bible study

Evangelizing Catholics:

Evangelizing Catholics Teach them what is necessary for forgiveness of sins Urge them to break with Catholic traditions and behavior, such as the rosary

Evangelizing Catholics:

Evangelizing Catholics Support them emotionally when they leave – They may need a new family Both family and church will pressure them to return

Important facts re salvation:

Important facts re salvation Sinners are saved by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and not by baptism Sins are cleansed by the blood of Christ, not by the fires of purgatory

Important facts re salvation:

Important facts re salvation Sins are forgiven by the work of Jesus on the cross, and not by indulgences, good works, etc. Grace is not by works; otherwise it is not grace

Persecution by Roman Catholicism:

Persecution by Roman Catholicism The church has persecuted where it was in power: The inquisition The St. Bartholomew massacre of the Hugenots Persecution in England, especially under “Bloody Mary ” with about 250 deaths, including Ridley & Lattimer

St. Bartholomew Day Massacre:

St. Bartholomew Day Massacre

Persecution of Waldensians:

Persecution of Waldensians


Persecution Persecution occurred frequently in North and South America where Catholicism was in power, but it has been less in recent years Many priests have been involved in liberation theology, which has led to persecution…This is a Marxist philosophy built on Exodus

Folk religion in Catholicism:

Folk religion in Catholicism Catholics have a policy of syncretism, so folk religion could be expected. One of the more common would be Santeria, from Cuba and the West Indies Also – combination of Catholicism and North American Indian religion in Chiapas

Santeria ceremony:

Santeria ceremony


Conclusions Roman Catholicism is a false religion which is dangerous because it is close to reality We must reach these for the Lord

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