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Muslim evangelims considering the messenger, the message, and the community


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Islamic Studies Church Planting Thoughts:

Islamic Studies Church Planting Thoughts Basic outline from The Messenger, The Message, The Community By Roland Muller

Islamic Studies Church Planting Thoughts:

Islamic Studies Church Planting Thoughts Lesson 17

Summary of Arab culture:

Summary of Arab culture Think as a group Define people as near and far Conformity of those close-by and brings Honor Social prestige Secure place in society

Arab culture:

Arab culture Rivalry in relationships – high benefit in ability to dominate Groups will stick together – dishonor on entire group Conformity is honored – notice the prayers and meaning of Islam – conformity required

Right & Wrong - Arab:

Right & Wrong - Arab Defined by the Qur’an But because many things are not laid out, what the group says is usually key Shame is not necessarily wrong – Allah has created both good and evil If there is a wrong, it must be concealed to avoid shame


Shame Often avoid risks When shame occurs – deny or blame shift to something/someone else and react violently Often Arabs are easily offended and expect special treatment Honor MUST be restored, even at the cost of one’s life.


Revenge Revenge is sanctioned in the Qur’an: 6:173 Peace – only in the house of Islam with Muslims Dhimmi

Honorable acts:

Honorable acts Hospitality – both guest and host Flattery to guest Often – gift to guest When people come, insist that they eat and drink Honor blood relatives, people near you – especially the eldest son

Honor and education:

Honor and education Especially elder son = educational honor Doctorate – a high honor for the trib It is the degree and not the effort or knowledge that is important


Honor Marriage raises honor of son, and especially after the birth of a son Language is very important – Arab will listen to anyone who speaks well Poetry is very important as an art and defense against shame Arab hero – defiant & boastful


Honor Wealthy are honored They can be hospitable They can be generous Gets respect and covers many sins Heritage – proud of it Dishonorable are forgotten Age and wisdom – know old stories


Honor Physical strength Charisma – may be good communicators Alliances to strengthen the tribe Bravery Loyalty – never question elders in front of outsiders

Honor and violence:

Honor and violence Honors strength, no compassion for weakness Violence to obtain honor It is honorable to reach down to help the helpless – and Jesus showed incredible honor when He reached down to us

Can you honor yourself?:

Can you honor yourself? No – but people usually do not honor someone without a cause Jesus is the only one who can bring us to God God honors the one who serves Jesus: Jn. 12:25-26

Summary of Salvation:

Summary of Salvation We need to see that God deals with guilt, fear and shame throughout the Bible We in the west trace the guilt through the Bible. But we need to see the others too

The Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit Convicts of sin, righteousness and guilt Guilt – convicts of sin Shame – exposes. Remember John 3:20 – that we don’t come to the light, because it exposes our sin Guilt is before God Shame is before society God deals with our sin

God’s dealing with sin:

God’s dealing with sin Propitiation – an act which satisfies God’s anger at sin. It satisfies the requirements of the law Sin of man wrath of God judgment of God God’s wrath places people and nations and groups under his judgment His answer – sacrifice. Wrath on the sacrifice

Sin and redemption:

Sin and redemption Redemption cleanses us clearing our guilt (guilt based cultures) Redemption works through a mediator to pay for our sins (shame cultures) God is offended We cannot pay Jesus paid for us


Reconciliation Reconciliation is restoration of Father-child relationship Shame is removed and honor restored Fear is gone and we are accepted Again – sacrifice is required

A paradijm:

A paradijm ju Propitiation – God’s wrath – fear Redemption – God’s justice – guilt Reconciliation – God’s honor


Repentance Acceptance of God’s way for us Turn from sin Turn from our own innocence Turn from our own honor Turn from our own power

Christ’s sacrifice:

Christ’s sacrifice God deals with all aspects on the cross Satan will attempt to undermine the total victory of the cross in our minds

Honor before whom?:

Honor before whom? We need to seek God’s honor, and not man’s honor It is the same as rewards in heaven are different from earth

The result of the resurrection:

The result of the resurrection I Cor. 15:42-43 So also is the resurrection of the dead It is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption (guilt – innocence) It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in honor (shame – honor) It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power (fear – power)

Three-fold salvation:

Three-fold salvation Fear, guilt and shame dealt with In Eden In the temple offerings & ceremonies By the prophets In Isaiah 53 Calvary Pentecost

Expect conflict:

Expect conflict The gospel is going to challenge every culture in some areas We are sinners It is our culture which we have created

Part III:

Part III The community

Community is strong:

Community is strong Islam – umma , or community, is very strong Shame based culture Shame based religion Shame based community Everyone is responsible to care for others Seekers want to know about community, its rules, etc.

Difference in approach :

Difference in approach The Qur’an spells out do’s and don’ts. If it is not mentioned, it is probably OK The Bible gives principles which we need to apply to different situations Bonding is very important The Qur’an allows bonding and still ethnic or international rivalries to occur


Bonding At family or tribal level – not too difficult. But more difficult with changes in language, culture, etc. We tend to want people made in our own image

Four images of community:

Four images of community The kingdom The bride The assembly The body

The kingdom of God:

The kingdom of God The king and subjects – we are to do the will of the king The king gives responsibility to his subjects

The bride:

The bride We are in a love relationship with Jesus We have service in loving relationships

The ekklesia – the assembly :

The ekklesia – the assembly Scripture reading and teaching Fellowship and edification Breaking bread Prayer Music is an important part

The body:

The body Each member has gifts The gifts are to build the body We are to carry on the physical presence of Jesus in the body – He indwells us, and we are the temple of the Holy Spirit


Community We should not expect the government to care for everything. We should be careful not to have a business model of the church in action

Bible teaching to others:

Bible teaching to others The natural man needs propitiation, a sacrifice for sins The carnal man needs the termination of an independent life style The spiritual man needs the pattern of daily dying to self

Carnal vs. spiritual believers:

Carnal vs. spiritual believers Carnal believers – concerned about their own comfort, welfare & security. Focus on getting good things. Alive to physical things Spiritual believers – in tune with God’s desires, and the needs of others. Focus on leading others to Christ, discipling and serving them We need to be others-focused

Our false assumption:

Our false assumption Because we are so individual focused, we assume that the individual will opt for salvation first, and then check out the community But for a community based culture, they will want to see what the community is like, and how it functions


Danger New converts may assume that they can join the community of the expatriate missionary rather than the national church

Working with contacts:

Working with contacts They will want to identify who you are, and what your role is in society. Do you have marks of godliness? What are these marks in your target group? We need to have a correct message contextualized as needed

Is the community valid?:

Is the community valid? Be transparent in relationships, struggles, ways to relate to God, and how God helps through a Christian community Do not underestimate the importance of the body of believers to a shame-based society We must work so that our church is open to all types of persons with different types of cultures, including shame-based backgrounds

Islamic communities:

Islamic communities It is difficult for Muslims to start their own communities as Christians from scratch Let them come into the church and see how it works for themselves


Adjustments Muslims may assume that we are very free with sex because separation is not rigid Some of our feasts (Christmas, Thanksgiving) are more restricted to families Often a seeker will test the community

Spiritual growth:

Spiritual growth Eventually –the power of the Holy Spirit must become personal We need transparency, repentance & forgiveness Old sins need to be dealt with and forsaken Confession is an important question in a shame-based culture

Spiritual growth:

Spiritual growth Often the seeker will test the community He may want to test your hospitality, your tolerance of other religions, your materialism, and your interest in him as a person, as well as your spirituality If financial challenges come, suggest that the community will approach the problem

Changed order:

Changed order Sometimes it is like this: Community Discipleship Saving faith A transparent community reflecting Jesus will attract unbelievers

Difference in community:

Difference in community Islam – not a closed community with all having rights to leadership. They have many in quasi-Islamic status looking at the group Thus many look at the west as intolerant in terms of community

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