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Methods of presenting the gospel to Muslims effectively Part B


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Islam – Lecture 11B Presenting Christ:

Islam – Lecture 11B Presenting Christ MI 396 Dr. Robert Patton

God’s assurance:

God’s assurance Creation shows God’s existence Conscience tells us we need forgiveness The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment We have insecurity – and only God can provide assurance

Works vs. faith:

Works vs. faith Religion is man reaching toward God Based on works Never secure Even Muhammad was not sure: Bukhari 5:266 The Bible shows God reaching to man Secure, because God never fails: I Jn. 5:13

Not based on works:

Not based on works Anyone claiming eternal security appears arrogant to those claiming salvation by works 42:17 – Allah has the balance (of good deeds) 101:6-9 Deeds weighed determine destination

Moral restraint:

Moral restraint If works had nothing to do with salvation, then all men would end up in debauchery unless their hearts were changed But with the new birth, there is a new heart and desire to serve out of love and not fear Then we can accept the many verses of eternal security: Jn. 10:27-28, Romans 8:30, etc.


Contrast Religion changes my actions Relationship changes my attitude Religion is what I can do for God Relationship establishes what God can do for me

Share personal faith:

Share personal faith Share how your faith has impacted and changed your life Also – how God helps in daily life, performs miracles, etc. – with both positive and negative answers. We need to submit to both

Love, justice & mercy:

Love, justice & mercy In the Qur’an Love > 80 times, often ascribed to Allah Just – 69 times, justice 41 times Grace 74 times, gracious 62 Mercy – 156 times; merciful 117 But terms are used differently – Allah is unknowable, inconsistent, unpredicable , vacillating, etc.

Allah’s behavior:

Allah’s behavior Justice is arbitrary Mercy is ambivalent Grace is ambiguous No attempt to reconcile mercy & justice Example – grace given to those who earn it, while grace means unmerited favor. His grace is based on works – opposite of the Bible

Allah’s behavior:

Allah’s behavior Mercy – he is merciful to whom he will be merciful, and unmerciful to those to whom he will be unmerciful 3:128-129 & esp. 29:21 Grace and mercy are given to those who deserve them – the opposite of the Bible Justice is based on weighing good & bad deeds: 23:102-103

God’s justice:

God’s justice All sin MUST be punished But he balances with mercy and grace God Himself pays the penalty: Mt 26:28; Romans 5:8; I John 2:1-2

Free will:

Free will Allah denies it - fatalism Yahweh demands it – personal accountability He wants all to come to Him: Ezek. 33:11; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 Tim 2:4 Hell is for Satan & demons, not made for man Predestination based on foreknowledge

How do you become…:

How do you become… A Muslim By parents By choice By force – certain slaves, etc True Christian – by the new birth by choice


Prayer Pray for the Muslim To give you the love To bring things into his life to open his heart That God would bind the devil, who blinds his eyes: 2 Cor. 4:4 May add fasting Ask God to bless him personally

Patience & persistence:

Patience & persistence Take enough time for the individual to understand Persist and work

Drawing the net:

Drawing the net Good to offer the chance to get saved at the end of any serious conversation Good to review – one God, eternity for everyone; all are sinners; only God died for our sins. We must choose between God & Allah

It is not changing religion:

It is not changing religion It is accepting Jesus Religion cannot save anyone; Jesus can A Muslim submits to God’s will. And according to John 6:40, it is the will of God that everyone accepting His Son has eternal life Ask to pray with him. Look at the opportunity to lead him in prayer after you thank God for your salvation

Watch your attitude:

Watch your attitude Do not strive to win arguments, but present Christ. Avoid seeming arrogant For the Muslim, faith is superior to reason, so it is difficult to “reason” him into belief They are more experiential than seeking wisdom But our faith is not against reason

Show God’s greatness:

Show God’s greatness Show that God’s Word is superior to our intellect This will resonate with him Depend on the Holy Spirit, which is poured out for confrontational soulwinning

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