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When it comes to primary teaching, the biggest challenge to capturing the attention of the students. As a teacher, you can redefine the classroom experience that enhances the effectiveness of the entire teaching session. If you have undergone a primary teacher training course in Delhi you would have learnt certain techniques to increase engagement of students in the classroom. To know more details please visit our website:


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Modern Teaching Ideas for Primary School:

Modern Teaching Ideas for Primary School

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Use of Audio-Visual Tools Incorporating audio-visual materials in the teaching session always helps. Supplement the content in the textbooks with pictorials, movies, filmstrips, and models.

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Infuse the real-world experiences into the classroom instructions to freshen up the teaching moments and enrich the learning experience.  Learning in the Real World

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Conduct Outdoor Classroom Some lessons are best learnt in the outside world, so you can arrange for field trips or simply take the students for a walk outside the classroom to help them learn things relevant to the lessons.

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Arrange Role Play Sessions Role play helps the children to step out of their comfort zone. This helps the students to understand how the specific academic material will hold relevance to his daily tasks.

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Teaching Through S toryboards Story boarding is a effective teaching technique. It can be best used for subjects where step-by-step memorization is involved.

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Be O pen to New I deas An open-mind is a major asset in coming up with innovative teaching techniques. As a teacher you should always accept new ideas even though they may look extremely strange to start with.

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Introduce to Puzzles Learning becomes fun when puzzles and games become a part of the education process. Puzzles also promote creative thinking in the children and make them ready to face up to all kinds of challenges.

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