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Marketing Plan:

Marketing Plan Four Sisters Events Teresa C. Hernández-Martinez Barry University Services Marketing ADM 306 July 17, 2015


Four Sisters Events (FSE) is a start-up company Aggregate service or one-stop shop wedding planner and service coordinator Located in Coral Gables, Florida Founded and run by 4 sisters Background


Strategy First clients are key Service must exceed expectations Market extensively on social and digital media Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Build relationships and cross-market with/for affiliate vendors

Products and Services:

Pre – Wedding Day Determine goals and come up with budget accordingly Coordinate ceremony and reception sites Manage and contract remaining vendors Catering, entertainment, cakes, officiant, flowers, photography, invitations and responses All other rental equipment, confirmations, secure deposits and contracts with vendors Itinerary for guests and vendors Synchronize rehearsal with wedding party Attend and coordinate wedding day ceremony Review duties with each wedding party member, including ushers (seating arrangements) Products and Services

Products and Services:

Wedding Day Attend and coordinate wedding day ceremony Review duties with each wedding party member, including ushers (seating arrangements) Reassure bride, any other wedding party members Supervise facilities are set up properly Make sure vendors are paid Direct musicians/entertainment/emcee Coordinate vendors during ceremony and reception Place special accessories in proper places Keep timeline in place Handle all situations that may arise, act as communication liaison between vendors Products and Services


I. Day of Package - $1,500 Help to create a wedding timeline Confirm with vendors Handling of the entire wedding day II. Consulting Package – 3,700 More detailed planning advice (style, colors, venue, vendors) Handling of the entire wedding day III. Full Service Package - $5,000 FSE will plan the entire wedding, most details including invitations, rehearsals, loading gifts into your car Pricing


Brides, grooms, and their families Unmarried women in their 20’s and 30’s Next set of clients in the invited guests or in the wedding party, so it’s important to always deliver exceptional service and exceed expectations Clients

Market Research:

Market Research US Trends 6.8 per 1000 people marry 3.6 per 1000 people divorce Florida Trends Weddings are a $3.3 billion business 137,127 weddings in 2013 Average cost $24K

Risk and Cost:

Risk and Cost Competition South Florida has lucrative opportunities and gorgeous venues 581 wedding planners in south Florida alone Cost Each sister personally invested for $5K $4,800 monthly to break even

3 Stages of Service Consumption:

I. Pre-Purchase Stage Digital searches (low contact) Visit to the shop (high contact 3 Stages of Service Consumption

3 Stages of Service Consumption:

II. Service Encounter Stage – Theater Metaphor Stage → Service Facilities Actors → Personnel 3 Stages of Service Consumption

3 Stages of Service Consumption:

III. Post Encounter Stage Evaluative stage Critical for wedding planning industry Testimonials 3 Stages of Service Consumption

Delivery and Distribution:

Through affiliate and aggregate vendors Requires coordination and organization Due diligence FSE reputation on the line Time is of the essence Maintaining good vendor relationships matters Delivery and Distribution


Consistency Seamless events Blogging Branding

Collecting Payment:

Initial client meetings (1 or more) $500 deposit to hold the date 50% of service package, upon choosing Remaining balance due 2 weeks before wedding date Collecting Payment

Flowcharting Process:

Flowcharting Process

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