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TCC Credit Co-operative Limited

Slide2: TCC Credit Co – Operative Limited is a nonprofit financial institution which furnishes a wide variety of loads to its members. The loads are offered to the members at extremely affordable rate of interest. All the profits that are generated or earned by the organization are returned to the members in the form of annual dividends. We also provide common good funds to our members. Some of these common good funds are like loyal membership awards, hospitalization grants, baby bonus, funeral grant, bursary awards, fund for handicap children, annual scholarships, checkups for heart, etc. Who we are?


Our Value System Our main aim is to provide best possible financial help to our members so that they are able to make use of our services in times of need and complete their requisite job. We want to help them in times of distress or any financial crunch to enable them carry out all their duties in a timely and a cost effective manner. We are also very thoughtful about their families and wish them good luck in their difficult or happy moments. We also work with a clear vision of granting family oriented, very fair, clear and innovative first choice credit co-operative that also provides them service of high value and quality.


Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is a form of refinancing a debt where the member can take one loan to pay off the rest of his loans. Sometimes you might just be caught in the fast moving pace of life and don’t get the time to complete or close some of your very important financial matters. In that case we help you with a loan where you can pay off the rest. It is a very simple and easy concept. Here you just have to transfer all your credit balance or bills of all your debit cards to us. Here the rate of interest that you pay is also very less. You can take a maximum of 60 months time to re pay us all your financial balance.

Slide5: Our Service Home renovation Singapore  Debt consolidation  Consolidation Loan Singapore Student Loans With Low Interest  Housing Loan Singapore  Pilot Course Singapore 

Slide6: We also provide Home renovation loans to our valued members. Home renovation Singapore is made easy now as these loans are those which are provided by our organization for those members you are willing to revamp their houses in the form of upgrading it or simply refurbishing it. Here to do so you need to obtain a quotation from the contractor. All the disbursements are made payable to the contractor. The members can also request for disbursement of the loan to the contractor with the help of progress payments. Here the rate of interest that you have to pay off to the organization is only 4%. Home Renovation Singapore


95 Killiney Road Singapore 239537 Opposite SingTel Comcentre Near Orchard Road and Somerset MRT. Fax :  6738 1977 / 6737 0735 Email: www. Contact Us Office Operating hours : Monday to Friday : 8.45 am till 6.00 pm Saturday : 9.00 am till 1.00 pm

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