7 Deadly Sins by Hieronymus Bosch

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Hieronymus Bosch : 

Hieronymus Bosch The Seven Deadly Sins

Hieronymus Bosch : 

Hieronymus Bosch 1450-1516 medieval Dutch painter Lived in Holland In Bosch’s lifetime, many Catholic clergy had become corrupt Bosch depicts temptation in many of his works, possibly reflecting the church’s corruption

“The Seven Deadly Sins” : 

“The Seven Deadly Sins” Painted in 1480 Meant to be viewed from above.

The Main Circle : 

The Main Circle The large circle in the middle of the painting depicts the seven deadly sins.

Christ at the center : 

Christ at the center In the center appears the risen Christ and the inscription in Latin: “Beware, Beware, God Sees you."

Ira (Anger) : 

Ira (Anger) A woman restrains her angry, drunken husband 

Superbia (Pride/Vanity) : 

Superbia (Pride/Vanity) A woman admires herself in a mirror held by a devil disguised as a servant 

Luxuria (Lust) : 

Luxuria (Lust) Young men & women flirt, eat & drink while a jester entertains

Accidia (Sloth) : 

Accidia (Sloth) A man dozes in front of a fire while a nun reminds him of his religious duty 

Gula (Gluttony) : 

Gula (Gluttony) A fat man and his fat child eat while a thin man drinks wine

Avarcia (Avarice/Greed) : 

Avarcia (Avarice/Greed) A corrupt judge takes a bribe

Invida (Envy) : 

Invida (Envy) An ordinary man looks longingly at a wealthy aristocrat, envying his lifestyle

The Four Corners : 

The Four Corners The last stages of life …

Death : 


Judgment : 


Heaven : 


Hell : 


Some Other Paintings : 

Some Other Paintings By Hieronymus Bosch

Garden of Earthly Delights : 

Garden of Earthly Delights

Temptation of St. Anthony : 

Temptation of St. Anthony

The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness) : 

The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness)

Haywain : 


End of Bosch Presentation : 

End of Bosch Presentation Next: Dante’s Inferno

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