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Introduction to UNESCO and the World Heritage sites--has instructions for a brief classroom activity at the end.


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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

What is UNESCO?:

What is UNESCO? U nited N ations E ducational S cientific C ultural O rganization UNESCO was founded after World War II to encourage countries to work together through education, science and culture.

World Heritage Sites:

World Heritage Sites In 1972, UNESCO developed a list of places that have cultural, historical, or natural importance to the world. This list is known as the World Heritage Site List .

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As of March 2012, 189 of 194 world nations work with UNESCO to protect these sites.

UNESCO’s Success:

UNESCO’s Success Rerouted a highway away from Egypt's Giza Pyramids Blocked a salt mine at a gray whale nursery in Mexico Canceled a dam proposal above Africa's Victoria Falls

UNESCO Funding :

UNESCO Funding Participating countries pay dues , which have been used for: Park rangers Land purchases Visitor centers Restoration of buildings

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To be included on the World Heritage List , sites must meet at least 1 out of 10 selection criteria.

Selection Criteria: :

Selection Criteria: Criteria 4: Significance in human history example : Prambana Temple, Java Criteria 1: Masterpiece of human creative genius example: Pont du Gard, France Criteria 2 : Important interchange of human values example: Levuka Historical Port, Fiji Criteria 3: Testimony to cultural tradition, current or past example: Harar - Walled City, Ethiopia

Selection Criteria: :

Selection Criteria: Criteria 5: Traditional human settlement Taos Pueblo, New Mexico Criteria 6: Heritage associated with events of universal significance Terracotta Army - Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, China Criteria 7: Natural phenomena or beauty Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Selection Criteria: :

Selection Criteria: Criteria 9: Significant ecological and biological processes Okavango Delta Botswana, Africa Criteria 8: Major stages of Earth's history Riversleigh Fossil Fields, Australia Criteria 10: Significant natural habitat for biodiversity Shark Bay, Australia

981 properties:

981 properties 759 cultural 193 natural 29 mixed

World Heritage Sites:

World Heritage Sites

PowerPoint Presentation:

44 Properties in Danger

Sites classified “In Danger” :

Sites classified “ In Danger ”

Danger: Armed conflict and war:

Danger: Armed conflict and war Aleppo Mosque, Syria

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Danger: Natural Disasters earthquake , flood, hurricane, tsunami, tornado, storms

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Danger: Environmental conditions erosion , drought, invasive species, climate

Danger: Pollution:

Danger: Pollution

Danger: Poaching:

Danger: Poaching

Danger: Urban sprawl:

Danger: Urban sprawl

Danger: Tourism :

Danger: Tourism

Danger: Vandalism and Looting :

Danger: Vandalism and Looting


http://whc.unesco.org/en/list / Today in class: Go to the address above Explore the map for sites Choose 2 favorite sites Take some notes about the sites End of presentation.

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