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Reckless Revenge By Gysell

Hunting the Hunters:

Hunting the Hunters Chapter 1

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I ran and ran, not stopping for even a second of rest. Ignoring the pleadings of my tired legs, I kept on running . Judging by my sense of direction, I was heading north. With a sickening feeling, I realized that if I kept going north I would end up in Death Valley . Nobody wanted to be in Death Valley, especially not me. Thousands of my kind had been killed there, and it brought painful memories back of when I was a pup . I caught my first glimpses of Death Valley through the bushes and reluctantly I remembered . A feeling of dread sat in my stomach like a dead weight . It had been long ago, nearly four summers had passed since then . I had been playing with my brothers and sisters when we heard a magnificent sound and suddenly all the adults had turned to the north to the beautiful sight of Valley of the Wolves.

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The females had quickly gathered their cubs and headed off towards the noise, each of them ignoring my mother’s warning growls of caution. Although she was hesitant, she had known she should stay with the pack, so she hid me and headed off behind them. From where I was I had had a clear view of Valley of the Wolves and had to watch while thousands of packs gathered, they had barely started to fight each other when they realized it was a trap. They didn’t even have time to prepare to fight the hunters when they were slowly plucked one by one into cages and taken away to be killed. With a new surge of energy I ran, and I promised myself for the hundredth time that I would get revenge. Feeling braver, I turned around and headed back toward the hunters. I could hear their stupid dogs barking their heads of telling the hunters were I was. Traitors I thought.

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I circled around the hunters leaving my scent so that they knew I was there. My trick worked. The dogs headed in different directions leaving the hunters in the dust. Now was my chance. With an ear splitting howl, I advanced with a vicious urge to kill. I caught a hunter by surprise by jumping on him. Before he could shout, I bit his neck. I knew exactly which vein to bite that would kill my prey instantly. Without looking back, I forged ahead to kill the next one. He noticed me and pointed the “fire shooting stick” at me. In his crazed panic, he fired, the bullet missing me by mere inches. Realizing how silly I had been by thinking I could take on all of them at once, I ran away. My pride was hurt by my stupidity and by acting without thinking. I had acted like a pup. I was mad at myself and scared at the sudden urge to kill that had overpowered me. I had killed a hunter.

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Now I was in more trouble than I’d ever been in. The other hunters would be after me again with a new reason to pursue me. Now the blue and white patrols wouldn’t even be able to keep me from being hunted .As I ran, I saw a small cave the hunters couldn’t follow me into. With a quick leap, I landed in the cave. It was dark and damp, but it was safe. Revenge would have to wait until it was safe and I had a plan I was sure would not fail. There was a bed made of moss at the back of the cave, but it smelled of fox. I lay down in it and enjoyed the comfort it brought. For it belonged to a shifter-- one of my kind. It also belonged to a female, and for a minute I imagined I was sleeping next to my mother, her soft gray and white fur brushing against mine.

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For a second, I felt her warmth cover me, but then it left as fast as it had come. I knew it couldn’t have been her, but a little part of me grasped for the hope that it had been her presence and that she wanted to tell me something. I felt the pain and hurt as the past resurfaced, and I remembered the last words she had said to me, “Dear one, I love you, but if something happens to me, I want you to know that I will always be with you no matter what.”

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Tears were at the point of falling, but I refused to cry. I lay there in the damp cave, alone. Memories of time spent with my pack resurfaced and with them, the bloody battle that I had witnessed. As I fought to sleep, the nightmares of what I had done to the hunter haunted me. I woke up to silence, but my head was filled with the piercing screams the hunter had never had the chance to utter and the look on his face as I attacked him. Although I tried to fight it, in the end I cried. I grieved and let my heart drown in sorrow, feeling the hole in me that had grown bigger ever since my mother had died.

If you want to read the rest of the story , please ask. I am not done yet with the book, but I would gladly let you take a peek at what I have so far. :

If you want to read the rest of the story , please ask. I am not done yet with the book, but I would gladly let you take a peek at what I have so far.

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Acknowledgements Thanks to: My 4th Grade Teachers for encouraging me to write a book. Miss Walker for commenting on my story, yet to actually be called a book. My family for helping me continue and have great ideas for my book, especially my baby brother. If I have forgotten anyone, feel free to tell me.

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