Things to be consider before you selling home in 2016


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Selling houses/apartments can be a daunting experience with realtors and buyers doing their best to strike the cheapest deal possible. As a seller should be able to fetch a decent price in a timely manner. For this knowing the current property value and market resale value won’t be enough.

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Being able to add value to the house on sale matters alot. TBPL can help you with tips to raise your property value to get favourable deals Follow our guide to breeze through the task.

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1 Improve the Exteriors Exteriors make the first impression on potential buyers Well-maintained house and surroundings can increase the overall appeal and value. Add extra decorations to the house if your budget permits.

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2 Work on the Interiors Get rid of unwanted items from the house. Use boxes to neatly pack unwanted things and stack them properly. Arrange the interiors to avoid crammed up feeling.

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3 Small Tweaks Maintain and upgrade your house regularly for a better return on your investment. Pay special attention to keep kitchen and bathrooms. Replace damaged kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings with new ones for added advantage.

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4 Light up the House Use light shades of paint to bring glow and brightness to the house. Neutral grey shades are frequently used color for this purpose. Check for proper ventilation to ensure better air circulation in rooms.

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5 Reduce Personalizations Try to get your house free from personalized decor items. Get family photos off the walls and avoid names written on doors. This will give room for the buyers to connect emotionally with the house.

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6 Find a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent A reliable real estate agent can make the process go smooth. They are equipped with complete database of potential buyers in the locality. Before hiring an agent do some background check on their previous dealings to avoid falling for fraudsters.

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