how to clean a pistol

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how to clean a springfeild XD-9


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How to clean a pistol:

How to clean a pistol By: Tyler Bailey


materials Pistol - - - - - Cleaning patches - - - - Wire brush tool - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cleaning rod - - - - - - - - Bore cleaner - - - - -


Instructions eject the magazine and lock the slide in rear position. check and make sure there not a cartridge in the chamber. push the takedown lever up at a 90 degree angle. push the slide lock down and ease the slide forward then pull the trigger and lift the slide off of the frame. look at the bottom of the slide ,and push the back of the spring toward the front sight end of the slide and lift it out and set it down. pull the barrel out toward the rear sight end of the slide. connect your cleaning rod and attach the wire brush. Check the barrel and make sure nothing is blocking either side. Spray bore cleaner in the barrel, and insert the cleaning rod with brush on it. Push the rod all the down the barrel and back. You should do this 3 or 4 times. Detach the wire brush and put the patch holder on the end of the cleaning rod. Put a patch on the patch holder on the rod and do as you did with the brush only this time go back and forth 1 or 2 times. Put the barrel back in the slide. Then put the spring back in. put the slide back on to the frame of the pistol and pull it in to rear position. Push the takedown lever back down to lock the slide on to the frame.

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