A Better Breakfast

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A Better Breakfast : 

A Better Breakfast Is Good Nutrition Important For Good Learning?

Breakfast : 

Breakfast Research has shown that children who regularly ate breakfast had better standardized test scores, better behavior, and were less hyperactive than children who skipped breakfast .

Breakfast Clubbies : 

Breakfast Clubbies Students will watch a video that features food groupie puppets. Students will learn through a variety of activities the importance of breakfast as they explore food groups, and appreciate foods of diverse cultures.

Content Standards 7Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors : 

Content Standards 7Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors 7.1 N Select nutritious snacks 7.2 N Plan a nutritious breakfast 7.3 N Choose healthy foods in a variety of settings

Visual/Tactile Learners : 

Visual/Tactile Learners Through visuals, games, songs, projects, and journals, students will learn the importance of breakfast.

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