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This is a power point that describes my activism project.


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A Better Self Image All Around Campus : 

A Better Self Image All Around Campus By Tausha Monday

“Just Be Yourself” : 

“Just Be Yourself” Non profit It is campaign and workshop that promotes self confidence in women. The campaign was held outside of the Culp on November 5th and 8th The Workshop, which featured American the Beautiful, was shown on November the 8th

Slide 3: 

Women today are being pressured to conform into the ideal body, which is unfair. Kappa Delta Sorority established the confidence coalition, which supports confidence in women all across America. It started out as a small campaign but now it is partnered with Dove, Vera Bradley, and other big marketing companies.

My Part : 

My Part Helped with Advertisement Participated in the You make me smile Campaign Participated in the America the Beautiful Workshop

Making a change : 

Making a change More advertisement Advertising sooner Earlier time in the Year, or move campaign inside More discussion

Things That Stay the Same : 

Things That Stay the Same The Just smile Campaign Chalking Campus The movie American the Beautiful The discussion of the Movie

Pros and COns : 

Pros and COns Great involvement! Was FUN! It was for a good cause It was freezing out side during the just smile campaign. Movie time More discussion Pros Cons

Feminist : 

Feminist Showed that Women are not obligated to conform in the ideal body.

Success : 

Success This event was a Success!!! -promoted self confidence -ensured girls that they did not have to conform -Made a stand

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