A Compact Guide to Potty Racers 3 game

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A Compact Guide to Potty Racers 3:

A Compact Guide to Potty Racers 3 The thing that most of the gamers like while playing games is that they must face and tackle challenges. Even in the ratings, such video games that have challenges and tricks in it are more searched and played by the gamers.

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Potty Racers 3 is the one of the games with endless challenges and the interesting features . The game starts with the simple tasks and then the users have to make the best looking flying machines. The players can also upgrade it with many features, in which the players can buy them based on their earned scores. The higher the scores you will have, the more additional features you can buy.

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The game has various levels that allow the players to reach to the next level by scoring higher than the last score. This higher score also allows the users to purchase the different incentives after giving away some earned scores.

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How to play it? Let’s take a detailed look on the rules, layout, and the game itself. The game starts with the mission, if you are the new player than the other missions would be unlocked. You have to start by playing the initial level in order to unlock advance levels. The racers of the game have a porta potty, which he has to push down the hill with the help of Direction Arrows. The backward and the forward arrows will control the porta potty and will save the player from falling into the water. The racers have to fly away to keep going into the game. After flying away from the hill, the player must use the backward arrow to stable it while flying. The racers have to remain it flying in the air and to avail the prices that are hanging. The prices will add in the Potty Money. The prices include the stars, commodes, and fire that will fire your porta up in the air. If you fail to remain in the air and fall into the water, that is called getting flushed, the game will be over. After falling in the water, a shark can bite the racer as well, so be careful.

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No doubt, the game sounds so interesting and a good time pass especially if you are bored. The name sounds gross but that is what the game is about too. So, experience the new things that you can do with the potty outside the toilet. For more info visit us at gamesonly.com

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