Why is R&D so important in the Chemical Industry


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R&D means simply applying science & technology for innovation in any field. Chemical industries are well known for their rapid development just because of enormous research & development. Developed nations spends too much assets over R&D. Tatvachintan, a leading chemical & pharmaceutical manufacture industry in India invest healthy amount in R&D to get some revolutionary results in chemicals & medical field.


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Why is RD so important in the Chemical Industry Research and Development RD is the backbone for growth and development of any industry or company. RD contributes majorly to the success of the chemical industry as well. It brings innovation in the technologies and products used by a chemical manufacturer. Continuous effort and perseverance is the key to carry out extensive research and set a new benchmark for other industries in the competition. In todays competitive market where customers actively seek new and innovative products RD has gained more importance in every chemical manufacturers production cycle. It provides a platform for evolution and keeps the industry competitive. The base of any research and development process is to clearly understand the problem faced by current techniques or products and work towards figuring out a solution. These efforts are later transformed into creating Pharmaceutical Chemical Manufacture

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Why is RD so important in the Chemical Industry actual products. Although the entire RD process is time consuming and can be expensive demanding investment of resources and capital expenditure the results are all worth it. The reason why chemical companies readily invest in RD is because the returns are high and it gives them a lead in the competition. Different sectors of RD for effective results  Research on developing new chemical products that are more efficient and can enhance the quality of life.  Research on the changes occurred in consumer demands and build products according to the variations analysed.  Research on the quantity of chemicals to be produced and sold in order to achieve economies of scale cost advantage due to increased production level.  Research on the optimum location for a chemical company to ensure uninhibited access to raw materials and energy sources.  Research on the current procedure and processes used for making chemicals to cut off the capital expenditure.  Research on different tactics to conserve and minimize the amount of raw materials used in the chemical production process.  Research on introducing environment friendly manufacturing methods for ease in the usage and disposal of chemicals. Various discoveries in the Chemical Industry Pharmaceutical Chemical Manufacture

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Why is RD so important in the Chemical Industry  The famous chemical product polyethene was discovered accidentally while a research was being carried out on the reactions of ethene by chemical engineers.  Polyamides polyesters and linear low density polyethene – all the three products were invented due to extensive research with a definite aim and idea.  A new catalyst for efficient production of methanol was introduced recently. It facilitates manufacturing at lower temperature and pressure conditions.  Currently research is being carried out in the field of nanotechnology biotechnology and biofuels to minimize negative impact on the environment. RD is not just limited to chemical engineers and chemists it requires involvement of financial marketing and legal experts as well. The development part needs investment of capital which is handled by financial department of the industry. The marketing department handles promotion of the product for effective selling. In order to completely utilize the innovative chemical products manufactured by a chemical company choosing a right supplier of the chemical is crucial. There are several active suppliers of pharmaceutical raw materials like Yashica Pharmaceuticals TatvaChintan Pharma Chem Kirsch Pharma Zhejiang Medicines Health Products Imports Exports Pharmaceutical Chemical Manufacture

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Why is RD so important in the Chemical Industry Co. Ltd etc. who provide certified and well tested chemicals for the industries. Pharmaceutical Chemical Manufacture

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