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Awesome art, cool colors, perfect design with no pain tattoos are done by the tattoo specialist at Tattoo Gallery.


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Tattoo Gallery :

Tattoo Gallery Tattoo studio in marathahalli Contact: +91 87100 02006 Email :

Tattoo Gallery:

Tattoo Gallery

Beauty of Tattoo:

Beauty of Tattoo Beauty lies in the eyes of the third person who view it . Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, Marathahalli places an important role in tattooing the creative design to the customer body.


Tattoo Tattoo is a permanent ink that is done on the body Tattoo is an art that is used by ancestors from past many decades

Quick tour about tattoo:

Quick tour about tattoo Tattoo was began 5000 years ago to identify the person of their section or category, but now it is very popular in the 21 st century . It is actually created by various colors to look attractive . The design will be done by the artist to the customers and that art will project the people attitude . The design will be done to all men and women that makes the skin look attractive to the body. In-fact the artist will take care of the complete design right starting till end. Right from 16 th century till 21 st century the tattooing is varied from design to design. Most of the people prefer the 16 th century style tattooing even in though they are in the new generation.

There are different types of tattoo design where artist does in the tattoo gallery for the customers:

There are different types of tattoo design where artist does in the tattoo gallery for the customers Abstraction Naturalistic Dedication Simplification Complex tattoos

Abstraction Tattoos :

Abstraction Tattoos It includes much work of archaic style of tattooing done on the body. Less work will be involved Usually done in black and gray shades These tattoos are a realistic tattoos that are inked on the body Detailing, shading, perspective etc are important in this tattooing Naturalistic Tattoos

  Dedication Tattoos :

  Dedication Tattoos These tattoos are dedicated to a specific category like navel or any logo It is done exactly as same as the actual art These Tattoo Arts will not have any limited boundaries No restriction for size and shape such are current trend tattoo arts Most commonly lions are drawn in this category. Simplification Tattoos

Complex tattoos:

Complex tattoos This is type of tattoo is a combination of multiple tattoos and are very complicated These tattoo will not have any specific meaning that can be explained. In-fact tattoo is been from the ancient times that reflects an individual’s attitude. Tattoo Art Designs For women can be done from the experts only Tattoo Art Designs For men has also various designs. Such experts can be found in Conclusion


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