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Online Education : 

Online Education

Lectures : 


Assignments : 


Discussions : 


Exams : 


Multimedia presentations : 

Multimedia presentations

What do you need to beсome an online student? : 

What do you need to beсome an online student?

Advantages of online education : 

Advantages of online education

Accessibility : 

Accessibility For students to access online education, all he or she needs is a personal computer with internet access. Computer Internet access

A flexible shedule : 

A flexible shedule You have possibility to maintain a flexible schedule in order to use your spare time effectively

Geographic flexibility : 

Geographic flexibility You no longer have to be in any particular location to take a class

No dress code : 

No dress code Come to class in your pyjamas or as you want!!!

Classes are technologically advanced : 

Classes are technologically advanced The instructor can easily program multimedia learning aids into the courses, including links to relevant websites.

Shy students may feel more comfortable : 

Shy students may feel more comfortable Some students hate to participate in live class discussions, for them the online environment can be less intimidating.

Disadvantages of online education : 

Disadvantages of online education

employment : 

employment Not many industries will acknowledge an online professional degree

Oral communication : 

Oral communication The majority of online learning system encourage communication through e-mails and text chatting only, the students can be deprived of the ability to improve their oral communication skills.

Lack of control : 

Lack of control The teacher has no possibility to control you properly

fraud : 

fraud A large number of online courses are not accredited and hence are not valid.

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