10 Interesting Facts About Cheese

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In this presentation we have listed down 10 interesting facts about cheese. Did you know that Vieux Boulogne is known to be the smelliest cheese in the world? For more interesting facts check out the presentation and leave your comments and suggestions.


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10 Interesting Facts About Cheese

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1. There are more than 2000 different types of cheese available worldwide. 2. The last week in June is celebrated as the national cheese week in America canned processed cheese

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3. Some varieties of cheese such as blue cheese brie gorgonzola are exposed to mold which helps them age properly. 4. Mozzarella cheese is the most consumed cheese around the world. cheddar cheese spread

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5. During the Roman Empire there used to be separate kitchens in large Roman houses especially for manufacturing cheese. 6. Cheese can be produced from different types of milk like cow buffalo goat and camel pasteurized processed cheese spread

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8. Cazu Marzu is a sheep’s milk cheese where cheese fly bug is added so it can hatch and become maggots which work on the cheese. Some people like to eat this cheese with live maggots in them. 7. Vieux Boulogne is known to be the smelliest cheese in the world. processed cheddar cheese

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9. To make one pound of cheese you need approximately 10 pounds of milk. 10. Greece it the largest consumer of cheese followed by France and Iceland. Canned Cheese Products

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Tastee cheese was developed and is produced by Dairy Industries Jamaica Limited DIJL which started operations in February 1967. Since then Tastee Cheese has become a household name. Tastee Cheese is loved by millions of Jamaicans at home and abroad adults and kids alike. Tastee Cheese is a Jamaican tradition bringing families together at Easter time. Though the highest demand for cheese is during the Easter Season Tastee Cheese is a year round staple providing breakfast lunch snack and dinner from many Jamaican homes.

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