How Bees Make Honey

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How honeys made By Alice and Jennifer

Going on a trip : 

Going on a trip Did you know that bees communicate by dancing? there've also got six hairy legs and three parts in there body but have you ever wondered how bees make honey?

how bees make honey : 

how bees make honey Firstly bees go and look for lovely flowers to suck up the nectar with there long tongues that looks like a flexible tube . The honey travels down through the stomach and into the abdomen. Then the bees take the nectar back to the hive / colony.

The next step : 

The next step Once the bees get to the hive they put the nectar in little hexagonal cells which are covered with wax caps when they are finished.

The next next step : 

The next next step After the bees have finished making the honey the beekeeper can now scrape the honey off the comb and put it into little jars to sell.

Ready to sell : 

Ready to sell

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