Virtual Tours To Experience London City From Home

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Virtual Tours To Experience London City From Home

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Virtual Reality has completely altered our lifestyles. The things which were inaccessible to us can now be obtained without much hassle. Apart from developing the various technological fields it has also revolutionized the tourism sector. People can now discover far off places on their mobile or laptop screens. This new form of tourism not only saves time and resources but it also enables the middle class familiestodiscovertheirfavoriteplacesbyjust sittingathome. The coronavirus pandemic has further compelled the travel enthusiasts to utilize virtual tours. From the churches of Paris to the palaces of London people are experiencing the glamour of famous places only through virtual tours. In our t o da y ’ s piece we will be discussing about the places in London where you can go virtually. The list of places will certainlyhelpyoutoaddalivelyflavortoyourself-isolationdays.

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1. Tower Of London: You can decode the charismatic class of Tower of London through the audio and video guided virtual tours. The tower is situated near the bank of the River Thames and is famous for housing both the vile criminals and Crown Jewels. A guide will assist this virtual tour and bring to the fore the historical perspectives of this site. The mesmerizing views of battlements in the backdrop of lush green pastures are nothing short of a heaven. Amazingly people will have the opportunity to watch the precious jewels of the royal family. Lastly the glossy photographs of successive kings and queens are sure to dazzle youreyes. MustRead:FaremakersGuide ToBookSpecialFlights

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2. The Churchill War Rooms: This historically significant place is located near the Bletchley Park a site that was one of the most important tactical locations for the Allied Forces in the World War I. It is believed that all the important war strategies of allied forces were conceived here. Its smoke filled rooms and claustrophobic corridors still rejuvenate the memories of the bloodiest warinthehistoryofmankind.Duringthevirtualtouryouwill see the various sections from where the Churchill was giving orders. You will also find exciting old stuff such as typewriters telephones and theofficialdocuments.

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3. Twickenham Stadium: This stadium is significant for a couple of reasons as it has hosted the concerts of several famous singers. Similarly the Rugby Lea gue’ s Challenging Cup finals were also held here. Sports fans must take the virtual tour of this stadium to see the panoramic and elegant images from all the angles. The tour will tell you how it feels like to watch match live from the stadium. The flashy images of the players playing rugby and the crowd chanting slogans will catch your gaze for good. The tour even offers you to choose the team that you want to see in the stadium. If you come here physically you will also find lots ofCheapHotelsinthevicinity.

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4. 10 Downing Street: 10 Downing Street is an uncontestable jewel in the crown of UK. It is believed it has been serving as home for the British prime ministers since 1735. Google Arts and Culture offer an impressive virtual tour of the 10 Downing Street. Viewers will be taken to the special rooms wheretheycanwitnessthepossessions oftheprimeminister.Similarly you will also see the meeting room where the members of parliament are called to discuss the matters of state. There is also a magnificent staircasewhichhasthebeautifulportraitsofeveryUKprimeminister.

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5. Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace is an epitome of luxury and lavishness. Its spacious halls and the highly precious rooms can be seen online. The palace has a huge collection of arts that features the work of acclaimed artists including Vermeer and Rembrandt. The administration of London has termed this place the most iconic and prettiest landmarks in the city. If you go there physically you can only visit the rooms in the summer months as they are closed for public in winter. Undoubtedly your virtual tour of London would never complete without exploring the grandeurofBuckingham Palace.

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6. Royal Albert Hall: Before the deadly pandemic of coronavirus people would gather here in thousands for the musical concerts. However it is out of the question now because of the lockdown. But still you can get the glimpse of the glitz and glamour of this hall by touring virtually. The 360-degree panorama will enable you to walk around the enthralling auditorium. The remarkable opulence of this hall will compel you to extend your virtual tour for many hours. It sheer grandiosity is the primary reason why the local as well as international artists love to perform here. Before the pandemic people would book Cheap Flights Tickets toattendtheconcertshere.

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Conclusion: You will get lost for hours in the online tours of London. From the mysterious architecture to the spacious stadiums thesetours willallow you to explore everything. So don’t wait and make your lockdown days enjoyablebytakingthevirtualtoursofLondon. SourceLink:VirtualTours ToExperienceLondon CityFromHome

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