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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300 Dumps Exam Questions PDF

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Here are Some Real AZ-300 Exam Questions.

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You need to access user claims in the e-commerce web app. What should you do first A.Write custom code to make a Microsoft Graph API call from the e commerce web app. B. Assign the Contributor RBAC role to the e-commerce web app by using the Resource Manager create role assignment API C. Update the e-commerce web app to read the HTTP request header values. D. Using the Azure CU enable Cross-origin resource sharing CORS from the e-commerce checkout API to the e-commerce web Answer: A

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You need to meet the scaling requirements for Policy Service. What should you store in Azure Redis Cache A.ViewState B. HttpContext.tems C. Session state D. TempData Answer: C

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You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4. What should you create and configure Azure Event Hub B. an Azure Notification Hub C. an Azure Logic App D. an Azure Service Bus Answer: C

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You need to resolve a notification latency issue. Which two actions should you perform Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Ensure that the Azure Function is set to use a consumption plan. B. Set Always On to false C. Set Always On to true D. Ensure that the Azure Function is using an App Service plan. Answer: A C

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You need to configure AG1. What should you create A.a basic routing rule B. a multi-site listener C. a basic listener D. a URL path-based routing rule Answer: C

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