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Try 2018 latest 1Z0-543 Exam dumps pdf which contains all the questions and answers to for 1Z0-543 IT Exam. The 1Z0-543 Questions & answers are verified and selected by industry specialists in the field and ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the whole Product. Download now and start practicing with 1Z0-543 braindumps.


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Oracle 1z0-543 Dumps Exam Questions PDF

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Here are Some Real 1Z0-543 Exam Questions.

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How do you jump start standards-compliant service deployment A. By using AIA code generator tool to create a skeleton of ABCS B. By creating ABCS manually and by executing PIP Auditor to check compliance C. By enforcing sticker qa checks D. By manual code walkthrough Correct Answer: A

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What should you define for an EBS before you begin implementing its operations A. contract B. .cfg file C. XSD D. cross-reference Correct Answer: A

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Which statement is true about AIA clustering A. AIA clustering setup is dependent on SOA cluster setup. B. Multiple PIPs should always be deployed on different AIA clusters. C. Multiple PIPs should always be deployed on the same AIA Home. D. AIA clustering setup is independent of SOA cluster setup. Correct Answer: A

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Identify two AIA components where Oracle recommends use of Business Process Orchestration tool to implement stateful components. A. Enterprise Business Message B. Application Business Connector Service C. Enterprise Business Flow D. Enterprise Business Object Correct Answer: BC

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Which statement is true about an ABCS A. Selection of the right ABCS style for implementation depends on versioning. B. For an ABCS implementation Enterprise Business Flows add business logic on top of Enterprise Business Messages. C. An ABCS is always PIP-specific. D. An ABCS acts as an API developed to transform application business objects into Enterprise Business Objects. Correct Answer: D

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