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GO Green Project:

GO Green Project By Tara Budge and Chris Clicerio

Our plan!!!!:

Our plan!!!! Our plan is to get our school excited about going green. How do you plan on implementing it? We plan on having a pep rally to show students that going green can also be fun.

Who is the target audience?:

Who is the target audience? Our target audience would be the students, teachers and administration of Old Bridge high school.

GAME #1 :

GAME #1 Our first game involves two teams, paper and a recycling bin. Each team will be provided with the same amount of paper and at the start each player will have to crumple up their paper and try to shoot it into the recycling bin, showing kids, you can make a fun game out of recycling

GAME #2:

GAME #2 Our next game is about saving energy with your tv! Each team will be standing at the starting line. When the buzzer goes off, the first person on each team runs threw an a series of obstacles. The tires, a tunnel and skateboard race, after going through all obstacles, players must reach the tv and turn it off!

GAME #3:

GAME #3 Our final game is all about saving water. Two teams, bucket full of water at the start, an empty bucket at the end and each player receives a plastic cup to pass the water along. The object of this game is to save as much water as possible and whichever team has the most water by the time the timer goes off wins.

Why is going green important ??:

Why is going green important ?? Going green is important because while we are living on this earth it is important to keep it clean!!! But . . . why wouldn’t you want to ? Letting the earth get messy is like not cleaning your room. Walking around in piles of garbage and taking in dirty air. It’s just disgusting. Lets clean it up.

Aaand that’s our project.:

Aaand that’s our project. Thanks 

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