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If you interested to convert your old video to Dvd ,our service provided convert vhs to dvd in affordable price.


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ABOUT US At Tapes To Digital, we live our passion and work our dream. We not only have a deep interest in technology but also appreciate the value of your memories. Our teams vast experience in this technology results in the absolute best digital conversions money can buy. Let us turn your old movies into a digital video you can share with the push of a button. We can Transfer VHS to DVD or convert other formats like 8mm videos for home viewing or special reunions, holidays and other events.


How to Convert VHS To DVD   Tapes To Digital is the smart choice to convert VHS to DVD anywhere in Australia. Don’t let go of your cherished memories just because they’re in an outdated format. We’re the experts you need to safely transfer your precious home movies from VCR tapes to DVD We offer more than just the ability to copy tapes to DVD, however.  We’re also an economical beta to DVD transfer service. If you’re happy with analog format but your tapes are old, dusty, and mouldy , we can professionally clean them for you as well.


We’re able to offer friendly service and affordable prices to copy tapes to DVD or into a digital file you can store on your computer. We also offer tape repair and cleaning services as well as a beta to DVD transfer service. We have all the necessary equipment, and our attention to detail will ensure that your treasured memories are safe with us . Why Choose us ??

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