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Marketing in Hospitals : 

Marketing in Hospitals Presented By Tapas CLARETA LABS Ph# 9776003666/674-3197999

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Marketing is not a Department, Its your Business….

We will Discuss About… : 

Hospital marketing techniques and management. Concept of Hospital marketing. How to ascertain the best benefits obtained without much investments through marketing concept and management system. Assessing the possibility of applying any other marketing techniques and management system. Secrets Of Marketing. We will Discuss About…

What is Marketing? : 

What is Marketing?

Role of a Marketer in HealthCare Industry… : 

Variables Included: Patient, the physician, the employer, the conflicting roles of the physician, lack of knowledge of the relationship between many healthcare services and their personal needs. Present Era SECRET BUILD RELATIONSHIP Role of a Marketer in HealthCare Industry…

Relationship Management : 

Borrows from Retail Industry Is five times easier to obtain repeat business from an existing customer than to get new business from a new customer. Involves the use of information and referral tele services; the development of a comprehensive marketing database that segments potential customers into groups with common interests or needs not only on the basis of demographics but also on the basis of anticipated demand Relationship Management

Role Of Hospitals.. : 

Hospitals Become Proactive. Identify previous users of the hospital and facilitate access for these users to programs and services that are particularly suited to their individual needs. Role Of Hospitals..

Effective Marketing Techniques.. : 

Effective Marketing Techniques..

DemonstrationMajestic View of Hospital to Public. : 

DemonstrationMajestic View of Hospital to Public. Mindset of People for The Hospital

Public Speech and Relations : 

This can be done through the expert committee consisting of the doctor’s team or the team trained to explain the various updates. This process would enhance the relationships between the doctors, hospitals and the patients Public Speech and Relations

A FACT: : 

Kuppam Medical College and Hospital, AP Spent Around 10 Million INR and received 1 Million patients from 267 Villages in and around Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka Villages. A FACT:

Advertisement of Hospital Equipments : 

It is important to explain the public or make them to aware that the your hospital is equipped with modern equipments and technology in order to ensure that they are better than the competitors and on par with the International standards and quality consciousness. Advertisement of Hospital Equipments

Doctors Profile : 

Only in the medical profession the name and the fame of the doctors profile is considered as equivalency of the God’s grace. Doctors Profile

Media interview on hospital and healthcare : 

Are the primary concern about the medical care’s marketing system and technique. Involves large number of people watching all over the world and clarifying their doubts irrespective of the doctors and the patients especially Media interview on hospital and healthcare

Examples… : 

Life line hospital in Jaya T.V, Miot Hospital in SUN TV, Sankara Nethralaya in Rural based local TV Dr.Kamala Devi Gemini Ganesan for Raj TV etc. Have had a good result of patients management through media interviews and concerns. Examples…

Secret 1: Understand What Marketing Is? : 

People must have a reason to buy. Its not enough to say “Buy my product…” You have to give people a reason to buy from you. Understand Human Nature and mix to Marketing Secret 1: Understand What Marketing Is?

Secret 2: Know What Makes People Buy : 

Know what makes people buy, you must understand one key aspect of human nature – self-interest. People are not as much interested in your Hospitals or service, as they are in what that Hospitals or service will do for them. Secret 2: Know What Makes People Buy

Secret 3: Tell Your Story for Increased Sales : 

When you want to be successful, you do what successful people do. Associate a success story behind your Product or service. Secret 3: Tell Your Story for Increased Sales

Secret 4: Do What Smart Parents Do : 

Have a suggestive approach rather expecting a “YES” or “NO” in reply. Secret 4: Do What Smart Parents Do

Last Words… : 

The economic conditions of any organization depends largely on the system of marketing techniques. Proper marketing techniques and management systems are like an engine to an hospital what so ever the medications and infrastructure that the hospital have. Therefore it is important and inevitable for revenue generation, the various techniques to be followed for the successful process of a hospital. Last Words…

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