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Support and protect the pillars of the nation:

Support and protect the pillars of the nation

What is child labour ?:

What is child labour ? Child labour is a curse to our society and a crime against humanity. Children work when they are supposed to play or go to school. The sad thing is that they work under hazardous conditions. Though acute poverty is the main cause for child labour throughout the world, everybody - society, parents, government, individuals, low wages, unemployment, poor standard of living, deep social prejudices and backwardness are directly responsible for child labour in India.

Effects of Child Labour :

1. Child labour deprives a child of a proper childhood. 2. He suffers physical and mental torture. 3.He becomes mentally and emotionally mature too fast which is a dangerous sign. 4. Child labour creates and perpetuates poverty. 5.It condemns the child to a life of unskilled, badly paid work. 6.Ultimatly this leads to child labour with each generation of poor children undercutting wages. Effects of Child Labour CAUSES OF CHILD LABOUR 1.Poverty 2.Parental illiteracy 3.Tradition of making children learn the family skills 4.Absence of universal compulsory Primary education 5.Social apathy and tolerance of child labour

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